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BizInt Smart Charts for Patents
BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I change the text truncation in cells?

    BizInt Smart Charts automatically truncates text in columns such as "Abstract", as indicated by [CONT.] You can change the text truncation limit using the "Text Truncation in cells..." command under the Options menu. 

    Truncation changes will apply to all charts that you create after this change and will apply to all columns in the chart. You must re-create an existing chart for the truncation change to apply.

    We do not recommend selecting "Never Truncate" unless you are certain that there are no very large text fields in your data.

  2. How do I fix broken links for images in my exported reports?

    When you export your BizInt Smart Charts report to Word, Acrobat, HTML and Excel, a .htm file is created along with an .img directory with a set of .jpg images files. These linked images can cause problems when distributing reports via email.

    Adobe Acrobat automatically embed the images in your PDF file. This format is a good option for distributing reports with images.

    In Microsoft Word, you need to embed the images in your Word file before sending it to someone else. Go to Edit | Links... (In Word 2007, Prepare | Edit Links to Files or Alt-E-K). Select all the links in the list, check the "Save picture in document" box at the bottom, click OK and save as a .doc file.

    There is no option to embed images in Excel or HTML files, so these are not good choices for emailing reports with images.

  3. Can I highlight or change the font for individual words in a cell?

    No. Unfortunately, this is not possible in the current version of BizInt Smart Charts. You can highlight or change the format of entire cells, but not individual words.
  4. Does BizInt have any plans for a web-based version that doesn't require my IT department to install software?

    No. We have determined that web-based BizInt Smart Charts products would be slow, have limited functionality, have dramatically increased costs, and probably not eliminate IT issues. Learn more.

  5. The software won't launch. What's wrong?

    The most common problem preventing the software from launching can be solved by adding an exception for BizInt Smart Charts to the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) rules. We have created a web page with instructions for turning DEP off.
  6. I created a template and now I don't see it in my list of templates. What happened?

    There are separate templates for each database and for combined charts. If you create a template for a chart from a single database, you won't see the template if you are working with a combined or other database chart.