Support: Tips for Using BizInt Smart Charts

Reference Rows

Reference Rows is a utility included in BizInt Smart Charts which offers the ability to create a "Reference Row" combining information from a set of related records into a single row. Database rankings and column rules help you integrate selected data elements from each database into a single row for each drug, trial, or patent family in your final exported report.

A new Reference Rows workflow was introduced in November 2021 for both BizInt Smart Charts for Patents and BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite. New features include:

  1. Send to Reference Rows command now sends a chart from BizInt Smart Charts directly to Reference Rows, without having to save the chart or go through a wizard.
  2. Hide Reference Rows using the right-mouse menu -- or, hide, unhide, and rearrange Reference Rows using the new View | Reference Rows panel.
  3. Row numbering for Reference Rows with multiple records is now "1a, 1b, 1c" and Reference Rows with just one record are now labeled "1" rather than "1.1" or "1a".
  4. New icons and glyphs.

Step by Step
  1. In BizInt Smart Charts, select File | Send to Reference Rows or use the "Send to Reference Rows" icon on the toolbar.
    You do not need to save your chart before sending it to Reference Rows.
  2. Your chart will open in the Selection View in BizInt Smart Charts Reference Rows. New glyphs indicate selected cells for each Reference Row.

  3. To hide a Reference Row, use the Hide Reference Row command on the right-mouse menu.
  4. You can also use the View | Reference Row panel to hide Reference Rows, make them visible again, and rearrange rows. The green number in brackets notes the number of records in each Reference Row.
  5. You can change the default database rankings and rules from the Reference Rows menu.
  6. Learn more about Reference Rows features in the Mini Guide - BizInt Smart Charts for Patents, or Mini Guide - BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite.


Updated November 2021