Support: Tips for Using BizInt Smart Charts

New Publications column

Version 5.3 of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents (Sept 2019) introduced a new feature when updating reports: the New Publications column.

See our Updating Patent Reports flyer for more details, or review the slides from our workshop at the 2019 PIUG NE Meeting on the topic.

New Publications are any publications which were not in the prior version of the Patent Family.

If a record is Unchanged in a report, the New Publications column will be blank.

In an Updated record, the New Publications column will contain any new publicatoins in the Patent Family.

For Added records, all publications in the Patent Family will appear in the New Publications column.

Using the New Publications column

During the File | Update operation, any new patent publications found in the Patent Family column will be placed in the New Publications column. This column only contains new publications detected during the most recent update operation - the prior contents of the column are removed as part of update.

New Publications in Reference Rows

A special column rule has been created for the New Publications column. This rule, Summarize New Publications, is applied to the New Publications column by default.

This rule builds a list of publications which are new to the group. If a publication is added in a record from one database, but was already present before the update in another record, that publication will not appear in the final list of new publications.

Updated 4/26/2021