About Us

BizInt Solutions, Inc.

BizInt Solutions, Inc. is a small software company based in Seattle, Washington, with employees around the United States. We develop, market and support BizInt Smart Charts software products which help information specialists create, customize and distribute tabular reports and visualizations combining data from the leading patent, gene sequence, drug pipeline and clinical trial databases.

Our customers include pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, petroleum, and device manufacturing companies worldwide.


BizInt Solutions was founded in southern California in 1996 by Diane Webb and John Willmore, leaders of the original TRW Smart Charts team. TRW Smart Charts was launched in 1994 as a "defense conversion" project targeting the pharmaceutical industry. BizInt Solutions acquired the Smart Charts product line in late 1996 and continues development, marketing and support. The company was incorporated in California in 2005. In 2016, we relocated our headquarters to Seattle.

BizInt team

What does "BizInt" mean?

BIZINT stands for business intelligence, and reflects our background developing information analysis tools for the U.S. intelligence community in the 1980's. Our mission is to apply our experience with complex information problems and our background in software development, user interface design, and artificial intelligence to provide useful solutions to information problems.

BizInt Smart Charts Product Line

The BizInt Smart Charts product family includes:

BizInt Solutions has also developed and licensed custom versions of BizInt Smart Charts to companies including Springer/Adis, and Informa/Citeline and DataStar.

Smart Charts timeline