COVID-19 Vaccines - Dashboard

September 1, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has generated intense interest in efforts by the global pharmaceutical community to develop COVID-19 vaccines. The BizInt Smart Charts team has applied tools in the BizInt Smart Charts product family, including VantagePoint – Smart Charts Edition (VP-SCE), to create visualizations of the COVID-19 vaccine landscape.

COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard

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The March 23, 2021 update to the Dashboard includes an updated bullseye for the US, UK, and Europe, another updated bullseye showing development in the rest of the world. We've also updated the piano chart to show an alternate view of the US, UK, Europe vaccine situation. Click through to the bullseye to learn more.

These visualizations were created from a variety of sources, as described on the pages for each visualization. The current bullseye is based on commercial drug pipeline databases from our parters: Citeline Pharmaprojects, Adis R&D Insight, and Clarivate Cortellis. Other visualizations, such as the timeline, are derived from data on