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Why can't I run BizInt Smart Charts in a browser?

All BizInt Smart Charts products are Windows software that is installed on each user's desktop.

Because some IT departments make it very difficult to install and upgrade Windows software, we are occasionally asked if BizInt Smart Charts could be a browser based application that didn't require installation.

We have determined that web-based BizInt Smart Charts products would be slow, have limited functionality, have dramatically increased costs, and probably not eliminate IT issues -- so BizInt has no plans to create web-based products.


The database applications that our customers use in conjunction with BizInt Smart Charts -- STN, Cortellis, Citeline, PatBase, Innovation, etc. -- are server-based database + browser search interface applications that work very well in a web/cloud environment.

BizInt Smart Charts products are document creation and customization tools like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, EndNote, Tableau, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, etc. -- all of which are Windows software installed on the desktop. In some cases, attempts were made to create web versions of these applications and the result were apps with limited functionality, not recommended for professional use.

This would be true of BizInt Smart Charts browser-based products as well -- chart creation would be feasible, but integration and customization would be very slow and have only a subset of the current feature set.

BizInt Smart Charts as a web-based application would require re-development of the entire product and a reliable and secure server, with a 24-7 support operation. This would dramatically increase the price of BizInt Smart Charts and isn't in scope for a small software company like BizInt.

Finally, many corporate IT departments have very stringent processes for web applications that process and store sensitive company data. If BizInt Smart Charts was considered to be in this category, getting IT approval could still be difficult for a web-based version of BizInt Smart Charts.

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We continue to explore how BizInt Smart Charts could be easier to install. Please contact us if you have any ideas. BizInt is happy to talk with your IT team to discuss BizInt Smart Charts installation issues.

Updated 22 January 2023.