Support: Installation and IT Issues

Silent Installation

Unattended Installation

The option to install BizInt Smart Charts products without requiring user interaction has been introduced. These silent installs are available starting with the product versions listed at the bottom of this page.

Use the /S command line switch to invoke silent mode.

The software will be installed to the default location with all of the default options selected.

You can change some installation settings with variables on the command line. The syntax for each variable is /V VARIABLE_NAME variable_value

For example, to change the installation directory to c:\bizint, you would use the command line
[setup.exe] /S /V SC_INSTALLDIR c:\bizint

We have not compiled a full list of installation variables at this time, but if you find that you would like to set an option during installation, please contact and we will respond with the settings (and update this page).

Special Settings for BizInt Smart Charts Viewer

Beginning with Version 3.5.1 of BizInt Smart Charts Viewer, it is possible to specify which file types are to be handled by Viewer on the command line.

By default, CHT (BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines) and CHP (BizInt Smart Charts for Patents) are now configured to open in Viewer.

Other file types are only configured on request.

The variables that you can set to support file types are:

SC_FILE_CHT (BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines)
SC_FILE_CHP (BizInt Smart Charts for Patents)
SC_FILE_WCT (Adis WebCharts)
SC_FILE_TCT (Citeilne Web Charts)

In order to specify a file type on install, add the following to the command line (in this example, the WCT file type):

[setup.exe] /S /V SC_FILE_WCT 1

If you want to prevent a file type from being installed, for example the CHP file type, you would add the following on your command line:

[setup.exe] /S /V SC_FILE_CHP 0

You can specify more than one file type on the command line at the same time by including the variables as above. Include /V before each. For example, if you wanted all four file types to be handled the command line would be:

[setup.exe] /S /V SC_FILE_WCT 1 /V SC_FILE_TCT 1

Applicable Versions

BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines - Version 3.4.3 (or later)
BizInt Smart Charts for Patents - Version 3.4.4 (or later)
BizInt Smart Charts Viewer - Version 3.5.0 (or later)


Last update: 19 September 2012