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Installing BizInt Smart Charts

Many customers require a test and validation process before installing software products. To help with planning your testing strategy, this document describes in detail how BizInt Smart Charts software is installed on client machines.

Install Location

By default, all BizInt Smart Charts software is installed to the Program Files directory under the BizInt Solutions\BizInt Smart Charts folder. The software may be installed to another directory, and may even be installed to a USB drive (although file associations may not survive a USB installation).

All BizInt Smart Charts products are installed to the same directory by design, but they may also be installed into separate directories. Installations into separate directories will incur a small overhead of extra disk space for duplicated files.

Installed Assets

Each BizInt Smart Charts installation places all files within the target installation directory (or within subdirectories of the target directory). No files are written to any System or Windows locations.

Registry Changes

The only registry entries created during installation are to register relevant file types (for document files and import types). Uninstall data is also written to the Registry.

No Other Changes

The installers make no other changes to the target system.

Why do users want updates so often?

Information Professionals use BizInt Smart Charts products to create reports from a wide variety of data sources. The publishers of the supported databases make changes on an infrequent basis, perhaps once per year. However given the dozens of databases supported by BizInt Smart Charts products, it is likely that there will be changes on a regular basis. In addition to changes from publishers, the services providing access to the databases introduce new featuers and structures from time to time.

Sometimes a change to the data or the system will cause the existing software to no longer be able to read a source. In these cases, users will request an update.

Absent a problem with creating reports from a particular source, we continue to innovate and add new features to the software. These new features are driven by user requests, possibly by users at your company. We suggest that customers plan on an upgrade cycle at least once every 12 months.

Applicable Versions

BizInt Smart Charts Drug Developmet Suite
BizInt Smart Charts for Patents
BizInt Smart Charts Viewer


Last update: 29 June 2022