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Chrome Download Warnings

Updated 17 July 2020

Something appears to have gone wrong with the Safe Browsing detection of download files in Google's Chrome browser. If you download a search result set from many of our supported platforms, you might get a message that the file was "dangerous, and has been blocked".

This appears to be a problem with the Safe Browsing in versions of Chrome before version 84 (such as version 83), caused by a change in version 84.


There are two ways to resolve this problem.

1. Update your Chrome browser to the latest version.

2. Let Chrome know you trust the file. See below for instructions.


If you still have issues downloading search results, please contact support.

Trust the Downloaded File

If you download a search result and Chrome has blocked it as "dangerous", you can still access the file. The example shown here is for a file from GenomeQuest, but also works for other platforms.

First, bring up the Downloads panel in Chrome. You can get to this from the Chrome menu, by pressing Ctrl+J, or by typing "chrome://downloads" in the address bar.

You will see an entry for the blocked file.

Click on the "Keep dangerous file" button.

Chrome will try to talk you out of keeping the file.

Click "Keep anyway".

Your file will now be available in your downloads folder, and you should be able to download future files from the site without problems.