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Site-wide INI file settings

Configuring Site-Wide Preferences in BizInt Smart Charts

It is possible to configure certain preferences in the BizInt Smart Charts products for all users on a site with a single INI file. This technique is designed for use when the software is installed on a server, but can be used when the application is installed on each PC as well.

Site-wide preferences are stored in a file named site.ini, which is stored in the application directory (the directory in which the software has been installed). This file is not installed with the application. Each site should create their own file as needed.

Options in the site.ini file take the same form as in the application's INI file (scpatent.ini for BizInt Smart Charts for Patents, smrtchrt.ini for BizInt Smart Charts for Pharmaceuticals and Viewer). A list of the values which may be configured via the site-wide INI file is at the end of this document.

Default values for all users may be provided by placing the preference setting in the file. For example, the following setting will set the default template directory to "m:\bizint\template":


This value will be used by default for all users. If the application INI file for a user specifies a different value, the value in the application's file will be used.

Locked values can be specified in the site-wide file. When a value is locked, the user's application INI file will not be consulted. To lock a value, place the word "Locked" after the preference name, and set the value to 1 (one). The example below would lock the TemplateDir value, above:


Preferences Which May Be Configured Site-Wide


TemplateDir - specifies the directory in which templates can be found.