Support: Installation and IT Issues

When your PC is upgraded

Procedures for Version 3.4 and Later

Version 3.4 or later stores all customizations in the user's Application Data directory, %APPDATA%\BizInt. Simply copy this folder to the new PC and your settings and templates will be available on the new PC.

Procedures for Version 3.3 and Earlier

If your PC is being upgraded, we recommend the following to make the reinstallation of BizInt Smart Charts easier.

Before the upgrade, you should save the files that configure your copy of BizInt Smart Charts, either to a CD or to a network location that will not be "upgraded".

  1. The application INI file is in the c:\windows or c:\winnt directory, and should be saved.
    BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines = smrtchrt.ini
    BizInt Smart Charts for Patents = scpatent.ini
  2. Chart templates are stored in c:\bizint\template. You should save any templates that you created, which have extensions that end with .CTT (there will be some templates with the same extension that are shipped with the product, but you can save those too).

After the upgrade, download and install the latest software from our website. Then, restore the files that were saved (to CD or network drive).

  1. Copy the saved .CTT files to c:\bizint\template.
  2. Copy the saved .INI file to the Windows directory. This may not be the same directory that you found the file in before. If the new computer is running Windows 2000 or Windows NT, the directory will be c:\winnt. If the new computer runs Windows 95/98 the directory will be c:\windows. If you're not sure, you can search for the file SMRTCHRT.INI (SCPATENT.INI for Patents) on the c: drive and replace that file with the saved file. Now you're done - everything should be configured as it was before your upgrade!