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Current version: BizInt Smart Charts for Patents Version 5.8 (2023-05-26)

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Release History for the Last 18 Months

Introducing Version 5.8 (2023-05-26)

We are pleased to introduce version 5.8 with a number of major improvements.

  • Exports to Word, Excel, and HTML: A major refresh of our exports is included in this release. We have introduced new styles and updated the old styles. Reference Rows exports now use the same styles as BizInt Smart Charts. You have a choice of style for every export, including Excel Optimized and Summary Records. We have fixed many display glitches, removed a few options that no longer made sense, and introduced a few new options, including:
    • Option to include (or omit) the chart title in the export;
    • Options for how cell sources are displayed in Reference Rows export.
    • You can learn more from this support page.
  • PatBase:
    • Added support for the current XML exports on PatBase, including hit term highlights in records (all hits use the same color).
    • Also on PatBase, the software now converts kind codes for US publications to the kind code on the document face. This will help when linking to systems like Espacenet.
    • Cleaned up the display of Notes in PatBase (both for the current BizInt export and XML), and allow the untruncated notes to be included in Summary Records.
  • Ovid: Added more segment labels for Medline. DOI is extracted from the Article Identifiers field.
  • STNext: Hit highlights in some fields would cause the software to lose track of the where it was reading. This has been fixed. Also fixed a few glitches in CAplus for non-patent literature.

Fixed in Version 5.7.3 (2022-11-28)

  • Fixed a problem in Version 5.7.2 which prevented users from copying part of a cell or pasting additional information into a cell.
  • When combining virtual databases on GenomeQuest with other charts, the columns are now mapped correctly. Also fixed an issue with patent families in charts from virtual databases.

New and updated in Version 5.7.2 (2022-11-16)

  • Delete user and VP-SCE columns: A new Edit | Delete User Column command allows you to delete columns added by the user or by VP-SCE. These columns will be permanently removed, saving disk space, memory, and de-cluttering the Choose Column List. You can select and delete multiple user or VP-SCE columns. Only user or VP-SCE columns can be deleted; if you select a range of columns that contain publisher columns, only the user or VP-SCE columns will be deleted. You cannot undo column deletion, so we recommend using Save As... to save the original or new chart file with a different name.
  • Hide Multiple Columns: The Edit | Hide Column command now allows you to select and hide multiple columns. Only adjacent columns can be selected to hide. You can undo hiding columns or go to the Choose Columns panel to redisplay hidden columns.
  • USPTO Links: links to USPTO records created with this version go to the new Patent Center on the USPTO site. Be patient while the publication loads. If you have any other sites you'd like to see for US publication links, please let us know. (The USPTO PDF link is no longer available, sadly).
  • Support for Patent Date in GeneSeq on GenomeQuest.
  • Fixed a crash in Reference Rows when sorting by the Database column. The Summarize Unique Values rule is now applied to the Database column by default.

New in Version 5.7.1 (2022-05-17)

  • This release contains first support for PatentPak results from STNext. PatentPak support is only available for the BizInt export on STNext.
  • Initial details are available in our presentation at the STN Patent Forum held at the 2022 PIUG Annual Conference.

Introducing Version 5.7 (2022-04-04)

  • Preview Reference Rows: Click the Preview button (at right top of Reference Rows document window) to open a preview HTML export in your browser, so you can quickly review the effects of rules and selections.
  • Easier workflow for exports and statistics: You can now create exports and open statistics in Excel without having to specify a file name. Click the Open button to launch the file immediately, or Save to choose a file name.
  • Export to Word - Chart and Records: Tables in the records are more condensed (less wasted space)
  • Improved STNext support:
    • STN has updated the BizInt export on STNext, with data now appearing for record number, full text links, and language, and more accurate hit highlighting.
    • Fixed issues with some BizInt exports from STNext where leading characters in fields could be lost.
    • Fixed a problem reading RTF transcripts from STN when a record is empty.
  • Fixed a number of cases where columns were not being mapped between databases.
  • Ovid: Support for Author Keywords in MEDLINE and for for CAB Abstracts.

Fixed in Version (2022-03-15)

  • Fixed a small error in our support for Indonesian simple patents which could cause a crash.

New and Fixed in Version 5.6.4 (2022-03-11)

  • IP Sequences: Updated definitions for GENESEQ, USGENE, and PATGENE on STNext. Use the BizInt export for these databases.
  • GenomeQuest: Added support for Virtual Databases on GenomeQuest.
  • Literature: New Author Affiliation column, with a subtable showing each author and affiliation, currently created from Embase, Medline, and Biosis on ProQuest Dialog. Added Supplemental Terms in Medline and Embase on STN. Added support for the CAplus+MEDLINE records on SciFinder-n.
  • Cortellis: Fixed a formatting problem with certain WO patent numbers.
  • Summary Records: Width of Summary Records output is now 100% of space between the margins set in Word. Fixed a glitch in how blank cells were formatted, and fixed a problem with generating PatDocs links in some databases like GenomeQuest.
  • Common Patent Family: Now supports Indonesia S publications.
  • Reference Rows: The tool bar button for Send to Reference Rows has been moved to the left (close to the View Chart button).

Please note that hit term highlights are a work in progress. If you find anything that doesn't work, please let us know so we can work through the issues. In some cases these are markup in the export that we don't expect, in others these are bugs on our end.

Fixed in Version 5.6.3 (2022-02-03)

In trying to fix the problem with the Patent Family display from when there are hit highlights in the family, we introduced a major bug in version 5.6.2 to the patent family display when there are no hit highlights. This has been fixed in this release.

If you have installed version 5.6.2, and you use, you should install this release.

New and Fixed in Version 5.6.2 (2022-02-01)

This update addresses a few issues identified by users of version 5.6.1.

  • Fixed a problem loading some fields in the STNext BizInt export (the problem occurred most often in the Patent Family for MARPAT).
  • Added support for PSPI in MARPAT.
  • Cleaned up processing of Designated States in CAplus and MARPAT.
  • Fixed a problem with the Patent Family from when there are hit highlights in the family.
  • Fixed a problem with hit highlight display in the Records view.
  • Added new database segment aliases for MEDLINE on Ovid.

New and Fixed in Version 5.6.1 (2021-12-15)

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 5.6.1, with full support for the new BizInt export on STNext, plus a new hit term highlighting feature.

  • STNext: Support for the new XML-based BizInt report format on STNext. The same databases and display formats available on classic STN are available using the BizInt export (see our supported databases list for more details). Learn more about using the BizInt export on our STNext support page.
  • Version 5.6.1 includes a few fixes for the BizInt export on STNext: we fixed a bug which could cause the space between consecutive hit terms to be lost in the new BizInt export on STNext; and, support for HITSTR displays is now available.
  • Hit Term Highlights: BizInt Smart Charts now displays hit term highlighting for some sources. Hit term highlights appear in the backing records (not the chart), and in exports of records. Hit term highlights are currently available from STNext using the BizInt report format, and from
  • STN: Added support for INFULL, JPFULL, KRFULL, and RUFULL on STN. Cleaned up extraction of claims from all full text files on STN.
  • Added support for the PSPI field in CAPlus. We create three fields from PSPI - the original data as Patent Status Family, a Family Status which is compatible with other sources, and a family-level dead/alive flag in State.
  • Note that these database changes on STN are available regardless of how you export from STN.

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