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Current version: BizInt Smart Charts for Patents Version 5.8.3 (2024-01-14)

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System Requirements

Each release of BizInt Smart Charts has a fixed lifetime. Learn more.

Complete Release History

New and Fixed in Version 5.8.3 (2024-01-14)

  • Support for PatSnap Analytics using the new BizInt export on PatSnap. Learn more on our PatSnap Analytics support page.
  • CAPlus: Adds support for the Ultimate Owner field.
  • Orbit: Handles a variation in how hit hightlights might appear in the patent family.
  • PatBase: "Rank" is now imported from the new BizInt export.
  • GenomeQuest: Cleaned up claim-text and claim-ref markup within claims.
  • Fixed a problem with patent links where links could appear multiple times in a subtable row (subsequent links were usually broken).

New and Fixed in Version 5.8.2 (2023-07-11)

This release addresses some issues discovered in the 5.8 release. We recommend that you install this release if you use PatBase, or export to Word.

We've made Word export enhancements based on user feedback:

  • You can change column widths in exported Word tables.
  • New option for Word exports to "auto-fit to width". This will help fit your columns on the page, but columns will only be made as small as the largest word.
  • Use File | Page Setup to specify chart orientation, paper size, and margins. By default, charts are in Landscape. Records are always in Portrait mode.

PatBase bugs fixed in this release (mostly related to the new PatBase export):

  • chart creation could hang on import for some files;
  • display glitch when two hit-highlight terms appeared consectutively;
  • rows without images could be assigned an image incorrectly;
  • expiry dates missing in the Family Status Expiry column;
  • fixed several issues with citations.

Fixed in Version 5.8.1 (2023-06-27)

  • Imports images and user fields (including PatKM fields) from the new PatBase BizInt export.

Introducing Version 5.8 (2023-05-26)

We are pleased to introduce version 5.8 with a number of major improvements.

  • Exports to Word, Excel, and HTML: A major refresh of our exports is included in this release. We have introduced new styles and updated the old styles. Reference Rows exports now use the same styles as BizInt Smart Charts. You have a choice of style for every export, including Excel Optimized and Summary Records. We have fixed many display glitches, removed a few options that no longer made sense, and introduced a few new options, including:
    • Option to include (or omit) the chart title in the export;
    • Options for how cell sources are displayed in Reference Rows export.
    • You can learn more from this support page.
  • PatBase:
    • Added support for the current XML exports on PatBase, including hit term highlights in records (all hits use the same color).
    • Also on PatBase, the software now converts kind codes for US publications to the kind code on the document face. This will help when linking to systems like Espacenet.
    • Cleaned up the display of Notes in PatBase (both for the current BizInt export and XML), and allow the untruncated notes to be included in Summary Records.
  • Ovid: Added more segment labels for Medline. DOI is extracted from the Article Identifiers field.
  • STNext: Hit highlights in some fields would cause the software to lose track of the where it was reading. This has been fixed. Also fixed a few glitches in CAplus for non-patent literature.

Fixed in Version 5.7.3 (2022-11-28)

  • Fixed a problem in Version 5.7.2 which prevented users from copying part of a cell or pasting additional information into a cell.
  • When combining virtual databases on GenomeQuest with other charts, the columns are now mapped correctly. Also fixed an issue with patent families in charts from virtual databases.

New and updated in Version 5.7.2 (2022-11-16)

  • Delete user and VP-SCE columns: A new Edit | Delete User Column command allows you to delete columns added by the user or by VP-SCE. These columns will be permanently removed, saving disk space, memory, and de-cluttering the Choose Column List. You can select and delete multiple user or VP-SCE columns. Only user or VP-SCE columns can be deleted; if you select a range of columns that contain publisher columns, only the user or VP-SCE columns will be deleted. You cannot undo column deletion, so we recommend using Save As... to save the original or new chart file with a different name.
  • Hide Multiple Columns: The Edit | Hide Column command now allows you to select and hide multiple columns. Only adjacent columns can be selected to hide. You can undo hiding columns or go to the Choose Columns panel to redisplay hidden columns.
  • USPTO Links: links to USPTO records created with this version go to the new Patent Center on the USPTO site. Be patient while the publication loads. If you have any other sites you'd like to see for US publication links, please let us know. (The USPTO PDF link is no longer available, sadly).
  • Support for Patent Date in GeneSeq on GenomeQuest.
  • Fixed a crash in Reference Rows when sorting by the Database column. The Summarize Unique Values rule is now applied to the Database column by default.

New in Version 5.7.1 (2022-05-17)

  • This release contains first support for PatentPak results from STNext. PatentPak support is only available for the BizInt export on STNext.
  • Initial details are available in our presentation at the STN Patent Forum held at the 2022 PIUG Annual Conference.

Introducing Version 5.7 (2022-04-04)

  • Preview Reference Rows: Click the Preview button (at right top of Reference Rows document window) to open a preview HTML export in your browser, so you can quickly review the effects of rules and selections.
  • Easier workflow for exports and statistics: You can now create exports and open statistics in Excel without having to specify a file name. Click the Open button to launch the file immediately, or Save to choose a file name.
  • Export to Word - Chart and Records: Tables in the records are more condensed (less wasted space)
  • Improved STNext support:
    • STN has updated the BizInt export on STNext, with data now appearing for record number, full text links, and language, and more accurate hit highlighting.
    • Fixed issues with some BizInt exports from STNext where leading characters in fields could be lost.
    • Fixed a problem reading RTF transcripts from STN when a record is empty.
  • Fixed a number of cases where columns were not being mapped between databases.
  • Ovid: Support for Author Keywords in MEDLINE and for for CAB Abstracts.

Fixed in Version (2022-03-15)

  • Fixed a small error in our support for Indonesian simple patents which could cause a crash.

New and Fixed in Version 5.6.4 (2022-03-11)

  • IP Sequences: Updated definitions for GENESEQ, USGENE, and PATGENE on STNext. Use the BizInt export for these databases.
  • GenomeQuest: Added support for Virtual Databases on GenomeQuest.
  • Literature: New Author Affiliation column, with a subtable showing each author and affiliation, currently created from Embase, Medline, and Biosis on ProQuest Dialog. Added Supplemental Terms in Medline and Embase on STN. Added support for the CAplus+MEDLINE records on SciFinder-n.
  • Cortellis: Fixed a formatting problem with certain WO patent numbers.
  • Summary Records: Width of Summary Records output is now 100% of space between the margins set in Word. Fixed a glitch in how blank cells were formatted, and fixed a problem with generating PatDocs links in some databases like GenomeQuest.
  • Common Patent Family: Now supports Indonesia S publications.
  • Reference Rows: The tool bar button for Send to Reference Rows has been moved to the left (close to the View Chart button).

Please note that hit term highlights are a work in progress. If you find anything that doesn't work, please let us know so we can work through the issues. In some cases these are markup in the export that we don't expect, in others these are bugs on our end.

Fixed in Version 5.6.3 (2022-02-03)

In trying to fix the problem with the Patent Family display from when there are hit highlights in the family, we introduced a major bug in version 5.6.2 to the patent family display when there are no hit highlights. This has been fixed in this release.

If you have installed version 5.6.2, and you use, you should install this release.

New and Fixed in Version 5.6.2 (2022-02-01)

This update addresses a few issues identified by users of version 5.6.1.

  • Fixed a problem loading some fields in the STNext BizInt export (the problem occurred most often in the Patent Family for MARPAT).
  • Added support for PSPI in MARPAT.
  • Cleaned up processing of Designated States in CAplus and MARPAT.
  • Fixed a problem with the Patent Family from when there are hit highlights in the family.
  • Fixed a problem with hit highlight display in the Records view.
  • Added new database segment aliases for MEDLINE on Ovid.

New and Fixed in Version 5.6.1 (2021-12-15)

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 5.6.1, with full support for the new BizInt export on STNext, plus a new hit term highlighting feature.

  • STNext: Support for the new XML-based BizInt report format on STNext. The same databases and display formats available on classic STN are available using the BizInt export (see our supported databases list for more details). Learn more about using the BizInt export on our STNext support page.
  • Version 5.6.1 includes a few fixes for the BizInt export on STNext: we fixed a bug which could cause the space between consecutive hit terms to be lost in the new BizInt export on STNext; and, support for HITSTR displays is now available.
  • Hit Term Highlights: BizInt Smart Charts now displays hit term highlighting for some sources. Hit term highlights appear in the backing records (not the chart), and in exports of records. Hit term highlights are currently available from STNext using the BizInt report format, and from
  • STN: Added support for INFULL, JPFULL, KRFULL, and RUFULL on STN. Cleaned up extraction of claims from all full text files on STN.
  • Added support for the PSPI field in CAPlus. We create three fields from PSPI - the original data as Patent Status Family, a Family Status which is compatible with other sources, and a family-level dead/alive flag in State.
  • Note that these database changes on STN are available regardless of how you export from STN.

Introducing Version 5.6 (2021-11-28)

We are pleased to announce version 5.6 of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents, introducing a simplified Reference Rows workflow and the ability to hide Reference Rows, as well as database improvements and new features.

Reference Rows

  • New workflow: Send to Reference Rows command now sends a chart from BizInt Smart Charts directly to Reference Rows, without having to save the chart or go through a wizard.
  • Hide Reference Rows: a new Hide Reference Rows command is available on the right-mouse menu. You can also hide and move Reference Rows, and make them visible again, with the new View | Reference Rows panel.
  • Common Patent Family column is now automatically generated when you combine charts, or when you send a chart to Reference Rows.
  • A new row number scheme, icons, and glyphs.
  • Learn more on the Reference Rows Tips page.

Databases and Hosts

  • STN: Fixes a bug with handling of Greek characters in STNext RTF exports. Adds support for claims in CAPlus.
  • PatBase: In publication level exports, put the MemberList into a separate field rather than in the family.
  • PubMed: Captures the Corporate Source / Affiliation in the text export.
  • STNext XML: Initial support for the upcoming BizInt XML export on STNext. We expect an update release (5.6.1) in December to address any issues that come up.

And finally...

  • A new option for links to the PatDocs Family Tree has been added to the Summary Records export. Fixed a bug that prevented the Links section from appearing in Reference Rows exports.
  • Color-Coding Cells: You can now choose to color-code cells in eight colors. Learn more on the Color-Coding Cells Tips page.
  • The Choose Color panel would occasionally get lost. This has been fixed.

Fixed in Version 5.5.1 (2021-04-25) export issues related to the release of Orbit BioSequence have been resolved and all Orbit exports should now be working properly, including with earlier software versions.

A few items were fixed last week while the Orbit export issues were being resolved.

  • Orbit BioSequence: Fixed an issue with multiple titles and incorrect FTO family tables in FAMPAT records.
  • Family IDs: Added the family ID on GenomeQuest; the Extended Family Number is now available in a column on PatBase.
  • Color-coding cells: Fixed a bug which required two clicks to change a cell color when using the color chooser.

Announcing Version 5.5 (2021-04-18)

We are pleased to introduce the latest release of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents.

  • Color-Coding Cells: You have always been able to color-code a cell background in yellow. With this release you can now choose to color-code cells in eight colors. This is particularly useful in user-added columns when you are regularly updating a chart. Learn more on our support page.
  • Orbit BioSequence: This release adds support for biosequence search results on We've included a new chart template to help you take advantage of the combined FAMPAT and Orbit BioSequence results. Creating reports from Orbit BioSequence.
  • Full Text Links: A new option has been added for links directly to PDFs on the USPTO site, and Espacenet links now go to the latest generation system.
  • Choose Columns...: The Columns command on the View menu is now called "Choose Columns..."
  • Ctrl-Z keyboard shortcut has been added to undo the last operation.

Version 5.5 includes several significant updates in recent 5.4 releases:

  • Common Family: The Common Patent Family will now prefer a WO, US, or EP publication if present in the family.
  • Publication level improvements: We've fixed a number of bugs, and improved display, for publication level data from both Orbit and PatBase.
  • Reference Rows: Fixed bugs related to the Summarize rule. The software would crash when sorting charts where the column being sorted uses a Summarize rule and there is a group of records for which all cells in a row are blank, or when exporting charts where the first column had a Summarize rule applied.

New and Fixed in Version 5.4.6 (2021-02-21)

  • Full Text Links: Full text links to espacenet now direct to the new espacenet platform.
  • PubMed: Adds preliminary support for PubMed text exports, since the PubMed XML export is no longer available. Exports from both PubMed and PubMedCentral are supported (learn more).
  • GenomeQuest: Capture the kind code for the subject publication in the patent family.
  • Integrity: Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence is the new name for the Integrity product. The name has been updated in the software.
  • Reference Rows: Fixed bugs related to the Summarize rule. The software would crash when sorting charts where the column being sorted uses a Summarize rule and there is a group of records for which all cells in a row are blank, or when exporting charts where the first column had a Summarize rule applied.

New and Fixed in Version 5.4.5 (2021-01-11)

  • If you are working with publication level data from PatBase or Orbit, Identify Common Patent Family will use the PatBase Family Number to group PatBase publication level data, and Orbit Family Accession Number to group FULLPAT records. This will work even if there are no family level databases to match with.
  • Identify Common Patent Family will now try to pick a better publication number for the Common Family column, looking for the earliest WO, US, or EP publication.
  • GenomeQuest: if there is no priority data, the application date will be used in the Earliest Priority Date column.

Looking for Version 5.4.4? You aren't missing anything - we made a mistake in numbering and skipped that one.

Fixed in Version 5.4.3 (2020-11-04)

  • Fixed a problem which caused blank title cells when the expected markup is missing in PatBase publication level data.

New in Version 5.4.2 (2020-11-02)

  • Added a new option for patent links, directly to USPTO PDF images.

New and Fixed in Version 5.4.1 (2020-10-25)

This release addresses a several changes in exports from PatBase 2.0, and is recommended for all PatBase users.

  • Support for new PatBase 2.0 markup for languages in the Title and Abstract fields at the publication level, which resulted in empty Title and Abstract cells.
  • Fixes problem with publication level exports with legal status, which could result in blank rows in the report.
  • Claims display -- Machine Translations are now considered to be equivalent to English when choosing which set of Claims to display. This is mostly visible in Chinese applications (for example), where native Chinese claims were being poorly displayed.

Announcing Version 5.4 (2020-08-27)

We are proud to announce the release of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents version 5.4. This release includes several changes requested by users, as well as a number of features and fixes introduced over the last nine months.

Patent Databases

  • Support for Integrity patents on the Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence platform.
  • Support for DEFULL on STN.
  • Orbit: Created two new columns in FAMPAT, FTO Family and FTO Family with Expiry, combining the Patent Family and the Family Status columns. There is a new FTO Patent Template for FAMPAT charts.
  • PatBase: Improvements to publication level data - better handling of Title and Abstract, capturing Patent Date, and more reliable extraction of all documents within a family.
  • PatBase: All WO publications 2004 and later now display with 4-digit years. PatBase imports now observe the option settings for patent number format.
  • STN: Several improvements to structure extraction, resulting in more complete hit structure reports.

IP Sequence Databases

  • Support for CAS Biosequences on GenomeQuest.
  • GenomeQuest: Revised the layout and content of the Query Results field, including fixing several missing data elements.

Fixed in Version 5.3.4 (2020-06-30)

  • Fixed another problem with loading structures from STN transcripts (unrelated to the problem fixed in version 5.3.3). This problem could cause text following a structure to be missing.

New and Fixed in Version 5.3.3 (2020-05-31)


  • Fixed a problem with reading some structures in HITSTR displays from STNext. If you are using HITSTR on STNext, we strongly recommend that you upgrade.
  • Added support for DOI in SciSearch on STN.
  • Added support for Claimed Seq IDs in GQPat.

New and Fixed in Version 5.3.2 (2020-03-15)


  • Support for CAS Biosequences on GenomeQuest (both patent and non-patent collections).
  • Support for the new predictive analytics fields in Derwent Innovation.
  • Support for several new field tags in the FullText files on The Summary Records export now displays Claims (or Independent Claims) from all Orbit results.
  • Added a long list of database segment names for Medline on Ovid.

New and Fixed in Version 5.3.1 (2019-11-14)

  • This release is code-signed with a new certificate which should take care of the installation issues many companies are experiencing. Please let us know if you still have problems installing.

Patent Databases

  • Improved display of legal status and expiry dates from PatBase: the Latest Legal Status and Latest Legal Status Table columns now show the correct latest event for all publications included in your export. The Family Status Expiry column includes the calculated expiry date when present in the legal status data, and the Latest Expiry Date is available as a column.
  • Added support for Ultimate Parent and Optimized Assignee in Derwent Innovation.
  • Fixed a bug with loading patent family members from when doing number searches. This primarily affected WO applications.

Non-Patent Literature

  • SciFinder: Several fixes for fields on SciFinder. Also fixed an issue which could prevent the software from reading certain transcripts from SciFinder-n.
  • PubMed: Funding support (grant) information is displayed in a new Grants column.

Announcing Version 5.3 (2019-09-25)

NOTE: If you experience a problem installing the software, we suggest uninstalling earlier versions and then re-installing. (This release uses an updated code signing certificate, which may affect the ability of non-Administrator users to install this update).

  • During update of patent charts, creates a new column "New Publications" which reports any new family members. Added a new rule in Reference Rows which will select truly new publications in a set of records (not showing any publications that were already present in another record).
  • Added a new rule in Reference Rows which will select truly new publications in a set of records (not showing any publications that were already present in another record).
  • Added a new rule in Reference Rows for the Row Status column which helps you understand when a new record represents a truly new family in your report, or when simply updating an existing family.

New and Fixed in Version 5.2.3 (2019-08-30)

NOTE: If you experience a problem installing the software, we suggest uninstalling earlier versions and then re-installing. (This release uses an updated code signing certificate, which may affect the ability of non-Administrator users to install this update).

  • During update of patent charts, creates a new column "New Publications" which reports any new family members. This is a first release of this capability, and any bug reports or feedback would be appreciated.
  • Fixed a crash after adding a column and then choosing Undo.

Fixed in Version 5.2.2 (2019-06-19)

  • Fixed a problem with loading images from STNext RTF transcripts.
  • Fixed a bug in the Summary Records export when an empty cell follows a subtable.

New and Fixed in Version 5.2.1 (2019-05-15)

We usually try to avoid doing releases back to back, but unfortunately last week two issues came up which require an immediate fix.

  • Fixed a problem with generating full text links for 2019 WO publications from PatBase.
  • Structure images will be changing on STNext soon, and this change will affect the format of the RTF exports. You will need to install this version to import structure images from CAplus, REGISTRY, and possibly other files when this change goes live.

Announcing Version 5.2 (2019-04-30)

  • Fixed an issue which would cause the software to lock up while reading some transcripts from STNext.
  • Added an option to the Word - Summary Records export to skip empty fields. This can be used, for example, when the chart has a mix of patent and non-patent rows.
  • Added an option panel for Hit Structures. The first option is whether to include the chemical name in the substance description.

Fixed in Version 5.1.1 (2019-03-07)

  • Fixed a problem which could cause a crash when exporting records from to Word or Excel.

Announcing Version 5.1 (2019-01-15)

  • Fixed a problem with dragging items on the Sort panel and View Columns panel which caused crashes and in some cases corrupted chart files.

Patent Databases

  • Added a new Legal Status Link column and a Very Large Family ID column on PatBase. Added an Extended Patent Family column which contains publication, application, and dead/alive in a single column.
  • Added support for the MCLM field (as an alternative to CLM) in EPFULL on Orbit.


  • Changed formatting of section headings in Medline abstracts to improve extraction for analytics, on PubMed and ProQuest Dialog.
  • Added support for PIRA, TEMA, NTIS, and 1MOBILITY on STN.
  • Added support for ToxFile on ProQuest Dialog.

Reference Rows

  • Fixed a problem in Excel exports which could cause an extra blank cell in some rows, shifting the remaining cells to the right.

Fixed in Version 5.0.1 (2018-09-03)

  • Updated the definition for Clarivate Analytics Integrity to handle a recent change in the export format. Also captures the basic publication identified in the Integrity export.

Announcing Version 5.0 (2018-07-19)

We are proud to announce the release of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents version 5.0.

  • Version 5.0 supports hit structures from classic STN, New STN, and STNext. Two types of report are available in the Summary Records export - a display of hit structures with each CAplus reference, and an Index of Hit Structures with links to the CAplus references.
  • If you are using STNext, we strongly recommend that you start a new transcript before your final display command. Transcripts that span a long search session can sometimes cause the software to get lost when looking for records.
  • Supports image columns in the Summary Records export.
  • Adds the ability to generate hyperlinks in exports from DOIs and from NCT numbers.

Database Highlights

  • Support for the Dead/Alive flag in PatBase, as well as improved claims display.
  • Support for new fields in Derwent Innovation including family status and calculated expiry dates.
  • Added support for the FULLPAT publication-level database on Did you know that when your results include EP publications, the Status Details column shows the status in each designated state?
  • Several new fields are available from GenomeQuest including the Unique Family Sequence ID, Normalized Patent Assignee, and Legal Status - National Phase.
  • Added support for several full text files on STN: AUPATFULL; CANPATFUL; CNFULL, FRFULL, GBFULL, and PATDPAFULL.
  • Added new fields for Author Keywords (PubMed as well as Medline and Embase on PQD), Corresponding Author (Medline, Embase, and Biosis on PQD), and Prepublication (PubMed).

Fixed in Version 4.8.2 (2018-07-10)

  • Supported a change in the internal label in the Clarivate Analytics Integrity export files which caused an error when trying to import Integrity exports. Clarivate restored the original file format on 12 July, so this release is no longer required to create reports from Integrity.

New and Fixed in Version 4.8.1 (2018-06-17)

Hit Structures

  • Fixed an issue which caused some structure images to not load from STNext. Also changed the hit structure loading to be more tolerant of formatting errors in the HITSTR transcript.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate hit structures in Reference Rows exports.

Patent Databases

  • Adds support for the Title Terms field from Derwent Innovation.
  • Adds support for the Legal Status - National Phase field from GenomeQuest.

Reference Rows

  • Fixed a problem with image columns in Summary Records exports from Reference Rows.

Announcing Version 4.8 (2018-05-04)

Hit Structures

  • Adds support for hit structures (and the index of hit structures) in transcripts from classic STN (via STN Express) and STNext. Use RTF transcripts for both platforms.
  • When generating hit strucures and the index of hit structures in Reference Rows, all hit structures in a family are used. This will let you combine results for families split over multiple CAplus records.
  • Fixed several issues with extraction of hit index terms from classic STN, and fixed a bug which was causing some CAPLUS records to be cut off at the GI field.

Announcing Version 4.7 (2018-04-09)

(previously released as version 4.6.3)

Hit Structures

  • This release introduces an Index of Hit Structures, with links to the references, as part of the Summary Records export. The appearance of the hit structure display in each reference has also been improved. (Support for hit structures from Classic STN is coming soon).

Patent Databases

  • Added support for several fulltext files on classic STN: AUPATFULL; CANPATFUL; CNFULL, FRFULL, GBFULL, and PATDPAFULL.
  • Fixed a few column mappings between Derwent Innovation and other supported databases.

New and Fixed in Version 4.6.2 (2018-03-20)

  • Fixed loading of claims from PCTFULL on
  • Enhanced hit structure display (from New STN only) in the Summary Record export, with a first look at a new option to include an Index of Hit Structures with links to the references.

New and Fixed in Version 4.6.1 (2018-03-08)

Patent Databases

  • Improved the loading of claims from PatBase. You'll notice the biggest change in the Claims column in the chart, but there is also an improved display within the backing records.
  • Some PatBase records were being marked as state "DEAD DEAD". The team at Minesoft have fixed the underlying data issue, but this release also includes a fix to make sure this doesn't happen again.
  • If you export the full claims from (using the legacy XML export), the source publication for the claims is now being displayed.

IP Sequences

  • Alignments (and other columns marked as Fixed Width) are now displayed correctly in the yellow section of the Summary Records export.
  • SEQIDNO is now being extracted as a column from GQPat Nucleotides (this was already available in the Proteins segment).

Non-Patent Literature

  • Added a "DOI Links..." entry on the Options menu to specify the base URL used for linking DOI. For more information on configuring DOI links, or even full-text patent links, see our Configuring Full Text Links web page.
  • Fixed a problem with extracting the DOI from some records on STN.

Reference Rows

  • When exporting to HTML or Word, and only including the first record in each group in the export, you can now place the link on the first column of the chart (rather than relying on the Database column). Note that this option is not available if the first column is a subtable.

Introducing Version 4.6 (2018-02-14)

Hit Structures

  • Added support for hit structure information (new STN only) in combined charts and in Reference Rows.

IP Sequences

  • Added support for several additional fields on GQPAT (GenomeQuest) -- the Number of Sequences, Unique Family Sequence ID, and Sequence Listing Equivalents are now available as columns. The Normalized Patent Assignee is used as the patent assignee if present.

Biomedical Literature

  • Added two new column properties to allow you to automatically link NCT numbers to, or DOIs to an article (currently only via
  • Added support for a new segment of EMBASE on Ovid.

Reference Rows

  • Updated Reference Rows to version 3.0, with the latest export features, new support for hit structures, and a fix for problems caused by installing multiple versions of the software on the same machine.

New and Fixed in Version 4.5.1 (2017-11-26)

  • Updated the definitions for PatBase to reflect the new presentation of Inspection Fields. Also filtered non-latin content from the non-standardized Inventor and Assignee fields.
  • Added support for the Annotations field in Cortellis Patents.

New and Fixed in Version 4.5 (2017-10-02)

  • Cleaned up presentation of Index Terms from Classic STN. Added support for hit Index Terms on New STN.
  • The "Word - summary records" export now supports images.
  • This release contains a first look at our new hit structure display. Users of New STN can now create hit structure reports in the Summary Records exports. Visit our hit structures page for more details.

New and Fixed in Version 4.4.3 (2017-09-20)

  • Fixed an issue in version 4.4.2 which prevented users from configuring full-text patent links for both PatentOrder Direct and Derwent Innovation.

New and Fixed in Version 4.4.2 (2017-07-23)

Note: If you repackage the software for internal installation, several support files (including one DLL) have been replaced in this release. Please contact us if you would like a complete list of the file changes.

  • Structure images from New STN were appearing as black boxes in the chart. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with using File | Import to import RTF transcripts from STNext, which was causing data fields to be truncated.
  • Updated the full text linking for Derwent Innovation to use the new domain. Also added support for several upcoming fields.
  • Added support for Family Patent Assignee on

New and fixed in Version 4.4.1 (2017-05-29)

  • Added support for the Dead/Alive flag on PatBase, constructing a Family Status table and the over all State of the family in a separate column.
  • Fixed an issue with some PatBase exports not being able to be imported after families in a folder are merged.
  • Added support for legal status on FULLPAT ( The Summary Status field is comparable to the Family Status field in FAMPAT, however in FULLPAT the table reports on each designated state, not just the publications.
  • Updated the identity for databases from Clarivate Analytics: Cortellis from Clarivate Analytics and Derwent Innovation.
  • Introduced a new "compact" Excel export, suitable for use with tools such as Microsoft Visio. This is a work in progress, and will see a few more enhancements in the coming months.

Announcing Version 4.4 (2017-02-25)

  • Added support for the new FULLPAT database from, replacing the PLUSPAT database.
  • Modified the filters for Ovid to be more forgiving of variations in file segment names for Embase and Medline.
  • Fixed a problem which could cause the software to hang in some situations when loading incomplete XML files. These conditions were encountered by several users with exports from PatBase.

Announcing Version 4.3 (2016-09-20)

  • Added alias for IFIALL on STN, fixed processing of several fields.
  • The way that the source document is noted on has changed. Displays the source document in Abstract, Claims, and Independent Claims fields.
  • In Patbase publication level exports, correctly identify the source of the claims text. In family level exports, now captures the source document for the abstract, if given.
  • Supports the new URL for PatentScope when generating full text links.

Announcing Version 4.2 (2016-02-26)

Announcing Version 4.2, with support for images from CAplus on new STN and enhanced support for new STN, PatBase, GenomeQuest and Embase on Ovid.

  • New STN: Fixes missing family data from some CAplus records and Patent Assignees on DWPI, due to ongoing changes on the new STN platform. First support for chemical structure images from new STN (support for 24 bit images, color and hit structures will be coming in future releases.) If you are using new STN, we strongly recommend that you install this release.
  • PatBase: Support for the new Probable Assignee field.
  • GenomeQuest: Support for the Earliest Priority Date and Filing Date (as Application Date) fields.
  • Ovid: Support for a new file segment in Embase, and fixes a problem with descriptor processing in that file.
  • Improved export to Excel from Reference Rows, with more options for displaying the source record information.

New and Fixed in Version 4.1.3 (2015-12-13)

  • Support structure images from CAplus and DCR on the new STN platform. There are issues with image quality that we are working to fix.
  • Fixed a bug in the Reference Rows export to Excel when all rows for a particular database are hidden. Also added an option to control whether the list of source databases is shown in separate columns.

New and Fixed in Version 4.1.2 (2015-11-23)

This is an interim release for new STN users, to support unexpected changes introduced in the 19 November platform update of new STN.

  • The Patent Assignee field was not being populated in DWPI on new STN.
  • Support changes to patent and application data in the "Basic" export format for DWPI on new STN.
  • Now supports alerting abstracts in DWPI on new STN.

New and Fixed in Version 4.1.1 (2015-11-03)

  • PatBase: add support for the Probable Patent Assignee field.
  • Fix a problem in Reference Rows which could cause records to be exported in the Excel export.

Announcing Version 4.1 (2015-10-31)

Announcing Version 4.1, with a new Summary Record export for Word and enhancements for PatBase, Ovid, PubMed and Registry.

  • New - Summary Record for Word export from both BizInt Smart Charts for Patents and Reference Rows: creates a Word document with records based on visible columns in your table. Learn more.
  • PatBase: Selects a more relevant set of claims from PatBase, and labels the source publication in both the chart and records.
  • Ovid: Capture document links and annotations from Ovid XML exports.
  • PubMed: Adds support for clinical trial IDs in PubMed.
  • Registry: Support the Source Registry field (SR) in classic STN.

New and Fixed in Version 4.0.2 (2015-10-14)

  • Added support for new Relevancy field in Thomson Innovation.
  • Add Subject Length field from GeneSeq on GenomeQuest.
  • A first look at selecting a more relevant set of claims in PatBase. Identifies the source document for claims in the chart and record.
  • Identify the source document for claims in USFULL (new STN).
  • Several Embase file segments were not being recognized on Ovid. This has been fixed.

New and Fixed in Version 4.0.1 (2015-09-06)

  • Fixed a number of problems with the Family Status column on Under some circumstances, a publication might not appear in the table, a publication for a designated state might appear, and the overall State column might show DEAD when there is still an ALIVE publication. All are fixed. The publication number is now formatted according to the user's settings in Options | Patent number format, including showing the kind code if desired.
  • Cleaned up the display of the classification code fields from Fixed a problem with importing full claims from the XML export.
  • Added support for the Technology Domain field on (available in XML exports only, not the BizInt export).
  • The Full Text Link column in CSV exports is now written as a plain URL (no HTML markup). A new option has been added to the Excel export from Reference Rows to show plain URLs for publisher links.

Announcing Version 4.0 (2015-09-01)

We are proud to announce the release of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents Version 4.0.

  • Support for the new STN, including all literature and fulltext patent files. Learn more on our new STN support page.
  • Support for Embase, Medline, and Biosis on ProQuest Dialog using the v2.0 XML export.
  • Support for Embase, Medline, and Biosis on Ovid, using the XML export.
  • Support for GenomeQuest's LifeQuest patent database.
  • Supports DOI from most sources.
  • New "Change Patbase Links" tool changes the row link for Patbase records, allowing you to set the record link to Patbase Express for your clients.
  • Prevents cells from overflowing Excel limits in CSV exports.
  • New toolbar icons have been added for Combine and Update.

Charts created with Version 4.0 can be opened in Version 3.x software.

New and Fixed in Version 3.7.7 (2015-08-16)

  • Fixed a problem with loading images from DWPI on the new STN.
  • Created a new column in CAplus on the new STN which contains all hit RNs for each row.

New and Fixed in Version 3.7.6 (2015-08-05)

  • Initial support for the BizInt Smart Charts export on the new STN. This should be considered 'beta' support at this time as we continue testing. You can find more information about the supported databases and limitations of this release on our new STN support page. Please notify us at of any problems.
  • Exports to CSV now truncate cells to prevent overflow in Excel.

New and Fixed in Version 3.7.5 (2015-07-11)

  • Added a new Tool to change the links for Patbase records in a chart to point to Patbase or to Patbase Express. This is useful if your client uses Patbase Express while you use Patbase.
  • Fixed a problem with publication numbers in the DWPI patent family from Thomson Innovation when using the "Separate" option.
  • Added support for patent records in TULSA on STN.
  • Add support for the US PAIR legal status field in GQPAT.
  • Patent Assignee from Orbit has a new field structure, which is now supported.

New and Fixed in Version 3.7.4 (2015-05-20)

  • Added support for the new LifeQuest database.
  • CAplus accession numbers on SciFinder have additional text in the field. This is now being removed, so that CAplus records will properly deduplicate between STN and SciFinder.

New and Fixed in Version 3.7.3 (2015-03-09)

  • Improved handling of the Enhanced title in Cortellis patents.
  • Capture US granted publication numbers in Orbit "Family Status" column.
  • Fix the mapping of Publication Status between various databases.
  • Support the Fixed Width text property in Reference Rows exports.

New and Fixed in Version 3.7.2 (2014-10-22)

  • The way that hit terms were marked in Orbit exports was changed, causing the space around hit terms to be lost. This has been fixed.
  • The default column labels for the Compare Columns command have changed.
  • Reference Rows no longer scrolls back to the top when you change column rules.

New and Fixed in Version 3.7.1 (2014-10-02)

  • Added support for Claims and CPC in DWPI on STN. Also cleaned up formatting of the TECH paragraph. Fixed extraction of Manual Codes in indented formats, and IPC in all formats.
  • Fixed problem with display of WO publication numbers from Cortellis (affected 2000-2003).
  • Extract Subject Length from GQPAT sequences. Fixed an incorrect column name in the standard Alignment Chart template.
  • Added support for DOI in Chemical Abstracts on STN.
  • Support Family Ranking from Patbase.
  • The column list on the Compare Columns wizard is now sorted alphabetically.

Announcing Version 3.7.0 (2014-09-07)

  • Added a new "Compare Columns" command which creates a new column showing the changes between two columns.
  • Added the "Create Subtable" command which was previously only available in Reference Rows.
  • The Statistics command is now available on the right mouse menu, and loads the current column as the default selection.
  • Added support for GEOREF, EMBASE Alerts (EMBAL), and PQSCITECH on STN.
  • Fixed handling of AU, CS, and ED fields on STN from EMBASE, MEDLINE, and SCISEARCH.
  • Enhanced support for legal status from, and added support for user-added fields on
  • Sequences imported from GQPAT now indicate which database segment they come from in the Database column.
  • Reference Rows includes a new "Summarize Unique Values" rule, which lists all values while removing duplicates.
  • Reference Rows can now import data from VP-SCE directly.
  • Fixed a few issues with Reference Rows: editing a cell now causes the rules to be re-run for that cell; and user-selected cells are handled correctly when using Summarize column rules.

New and Fixed in Version 3.6.3 (2014-08-01)

  • Add support for legal status from FAMPAT and LGST files on Questel. A description of the fields extracted is available on our website.
  • Added support for user-defined fields on
  • Fixed two bugs when Updating charts using Advanced options: "Fill empty cells with text" would cause duplicate cells in the row, and user cells would never update if "Append differing values in user cells" option was off. Also fixed a "Not responding" problem when combining or updating large charts.

New and Fixed in Version 3.6.2 (2014-07-14)

  • Fixed the extraction of Corporate Source from COMPENDEX on STN.
  • Added extraction of publication date for Cortellis patents, and mapped Cortellis abstract to the other databases.
  • Updated links to, and fixed problems with links to some publication number ranges.
  • v 1.9 (July 2014) made a slight change to the format of the Patent Family export. This release handles the change.
  • Fixed a problem with how fields returned from VP-SCE appear when editing cell contents.

New and Fixed in Version 3.6.1 (2014-04-20)

  • Added support for PLUSPAT exports from
  • Fixed several glitches with import from Thomson Cortellis patents.
  • Added support for GEOREF on STN.
  • Fixed bug in links generated to some 2002 WO publications on espacenet.
  • D0 publications will not be chosen as the "basic" publication number and date for FAMPAT families.
  • Fixed a problem with change reporting (both Row Status and cell color coding) when updating previously updated charts.

Announcing Version 3.6.0 (2013-10-07)

  • Support for Legal Status on Patbase, Orbit, and GenomeQuest.
  • Enhanced support for links to full patents in exports - this release includes links to CN publications on several platforms.
  • Integration with VantagePoint-Smart Charts Edition enables data cleanup, filtering, and visualization.
  • Biomedical databases supported on ProQuest Dialog (use XML - version 1.0 export format).
  • Includes BizInt Smart Charts Reference Rows version 1.1. This release includes an export to Excel and the ability to create tables summarizing information from the records in a group.
  • The installation works more reliably now when installing on a new computer (you do not have to create the installation folder by hand).

New and Fixed in Version 3.5.14 (2013-09-22)

  • Note: We expect to release version 3.6 with these features (and more) in the next few weeks. If you have a long testing process for new releases, we suggest you wait for version 3.6.0.
  • Added support for PREMIUM GQPAT content, also added Extended Legal Status.
  • Updated the record definition for gene sequence databases to include the query results with the alignment.
  • Added support for Legal Status from
  • Added a new Excel export to Reference Rows.

New and Fixed in Version 3.5.13 (2013-08-06)

  • Fixed extraction of Patent Family for CA/CAPlus on STN.
  • Added support for Legal Status field on GQPAT (Genome Quest).
  • Fixed a problem with loading the first block of IPC classes in DWPI on Dialog.
  • We've tried to improve the behavior of the installer when the user doesn't have Administrator privileges, including warning you if you pick an install directory which isn't writeable. Also fixed a bug in the menu and desktop short cuts if you didn't install to the default location.

New and Fixed in Version 3.5.12 (2013-04-25)

  • Added support for Legal Status on PatBase, updated the links generated to PatBase Express to be more Excel friendly, and fixed a few issues with importing publication level data (key of which is that only the first member from a family would be read).

New and Fixed in Version 3.5.11 (2013-04-09)

  • GenomeQuest fixed the problem with database labels. Unfortunately this revealed a bug in version 3.5.10. This build fixes the problem.
  • Inventors and Assignees from GeneSeq on GenomeQuest are presented more clearly.

New and Fixed in Version 3.5.10 (2013-04-08)

  • A change on GenomeQuest is preventing BizInt Smart Charts from identifying the source of records. This has been fixed.

New and Fixed in Version 3.5.9 (2013-03-15)

  • Added support for publication level data from PatBase. We have also improved the quality of the Abstract field in all PatBase records.

New and Fixed in Version 3.5.8 (2013-03-04)

  • Added option to generate full-text links to FAMPAT records now contain publisher links back to when imported.
  • Added option to generate full-text links to Questel's Patent Delivery Service. There are two variations - one for users with IP validation, and one with embedded credentials in the URL.
  • Added support for the new CPC field in FAMPAT.

New and Fixed in Version 3.5.7 (2013-02-01)

  • Added an option (on by default) to skip the first order screen with links to PatentOrder.
  • The database labels for GQPAT on GenomeQuest have changed. This release supports the new "GQPAT-Gold" labels.

New and Fixed in Version 3.5.6 (2012-12-21)

  • Added support for importing subtables from Vantage Point - Smart Charts Edition (VP-SCE). This permits subtables such as Patent Family to be filtered in VP-SCE and reimported as new columns. See the recipe on our website for more details.
  • Added support for new CPC fields on TotalPatent, Innovation, and Patbase.

New and Fixed in Version 3.5.5 (2012-10-27)

  • Added a new HTML export option to write the contents of subtables without the use of tables (this may help make Word exports easier to edit).
  • Added support for the INPADOC Legal Status field from Thomson Innovation.
  • Added LexisNexis TotalPatent as a link target for EP, US, and WO publications.
  • Added initial support for Embase, Medline, Biosis, and Scisearch on ProQuest Dialog. See our support page for export instructions.
  • The "Combine without removing duplicates" option wasn't working properly. This has been fixed.

New and Fixed in Version 3.5.4 (2012-10-12)

  • Updated support for Thomson Reuters Cortellis to handle changes in latest release.
  • Fixed a bug in Questel reader which could cause the last line of a record to be skipped.

New and Fixed in Version 3.5.3 (2012-09-23)

  • Fixed a bug in Vantage Point XML export.

New and Fixed in Version 3.5.2 (2012-08-30)

  • Fixed a bug which would cause the first Index Term to be lost in records from Chemical Abstracts (STN).
  • Version 3.5.1 selected the incorrect publication number for the Pub. Number field from some Thomson Innovation records. This has been fixed.

New and Fixed in Version 3.5.1 (2012-07-09)

  • Added a new preference dialog that allows you to control the format of the Basic and US Patent Number columns, including the ability to include the kind code.
  • Added support for the new BizInt export from Thomson Reuters Cortellis.
  • Fixed a few display glitches on the new View | Columns panel.
  • Updated the online help file.
  • Includes Reference Rows Version 1.0.2.

Announcing Version 3.5.0 (2012-06-04)

  • Redesigned the interface in Step 3 of the File|Combine and File|Update wizards.
  • A new View|Columns panel makes it easier to select and rearrange columns.
  • BizInt Smart Charts Reference Rows utility is automatically installed (as an option) when you install the latest 3.5 software. You no longer need to download and install separately.
  • Added mapping for FAMPAT Independent Claims column to Claims in other databases.
  • New "Acrobat" and "Excel - Optimized HTML" export options.
  • New XML Smart Data Exchange export, with a direct export to VantagePoint 7.1.
  • New toolbar, application, and import file (.bpd) icons.
  • Support for DGENE, PCTGEN, and more literature databases on STN.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.16 (2012-04-03)

  • This release includes new and updated definitions for several non-patent literature databases on STN.
  • Added additional fields to several files on STN: MEDLINE, EMBASE, Derwent Drug File
  • Fixed an error in the STN ENCOMPLIT definition.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.15 (2012-02-04)

  • This release includes a number of improvements to the handling of gene sequence searches. We will be presenting best practices for using BizInt Smart Charts for Patents with gene sequence searches at the PIUG Biotechnology meeting on Tuesday, February 7. Visit our Presentations page after the talk to see the slides.
  • Added support for DGENE and PCTGEN on STN.
  • The two GeneSeq databases on GenomeQuest are now treated as a single file, rather than separately.
  • The Sequence ID generated by BizInt Smart Charts is now consistent across databases on GenomeQuest and STN. Also the Sequence # portion of the Sequence ID is now presented in a separate column.
  • Delphion has changed the format of document numbers in their export. This release handles the new format, and generates a working link to the publisher website.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.14 (2012-01-17)

  • Added a new "HTML - optimized for Excel" export which preserves most formatting while only using one row in Excel for each row in BizInt Smart Charts. Some small changes were made to the other HTML exports as well to improve appearance.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.13 (2012-01-02)

  • Adds a command on the File menu to send the current chart to BizInt Smart Charts Reference Rows. This release can also open saved Reference Rows charts, converting the chart back to a BizInt Smart Charts for Patents chart.
  • Added a new export option "HTML - for Acrobat" which launches the standard HTML export directly to Adobe Acrobat.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.12 (2011-11-27)

  • Added support for the Forward Citation field in Patbase.
  • Extracts the Publication Date from FAMPAT's Patent Family when not present as a separate field.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.11 (2011-10-30)

  • Changed the default full-text patent links from Micropatent to the various patent offices. Added support for links to Thomson Innovation for all authorities, and for Patentscope as a target for PCTs.
  • Added an option when combining charts to not remove duplicate rows from the charts. All visible rows will be brought into the new chart. This is useful for gene sequence results from multiple queries, which may include the same sequence from more than one query hit.
  • Claims were not being included in the record for Thomson Innovation. This has been fixed.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.10 (2011-10-03)

  • Added a new Text property called "Fixed Width" which changes the selected cells to a Courier font and ensures that runs of spaces in a cell (such as sequence alignments) will carry over into HTML exports.
  • Fixed mapping of accession number column for databases from Genome Quest.
  • Fixed problem with our presentation of the Notes field from, and added support for the Rank field.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.9 (2011-08-16)

  • Thomson Innovation added publication dates for all family members in mid-August. This release displays that additional information.
  • BizInt Smart Charts now attempts to extract the sequence ID number from GENESEQ records on GenomeQuest. The resulting column is mapped to the Sequence ID column from GQPat.
  • Fixed links for GB publications on Patbase Express. There may still be some problems with GB publications on PatentOrder Direct, but we will continue to work on these links.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.8 (2011-08-03)

  • Added support for Expiration Date, Subject Matter, and Innovation Summary fields from Thomson Reuters Integrity.
  • Added a second version of the Notes column from Patbase, containing just the note text. The column with the complete details is now called "Notes Table".
  • Fixed possible crash when doing extensive copy and paste operations between BizInt Smart Charts and other applications.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.7 (2011-06-01)

  • Espacenet v3 linking is no longer supported. The new v5 link format is now generated for espacenet links. Note that the new espacenet links require a kind code. If a kind code isn't present with the number, the link will perform a number search.
  • Added a new XML Smart Data Exchange export, as well as the ability to import data in this format to add new user columns to a chart.
  • Cleaned up the record presentation for many databases to be more consistent between databases (fonts, order of fields, etc).
  • Updated processing for Patbase so that applications are presented in the same order as the publications in the family. Also extract first filing and first filing date as columns.
  • Fixed an error in family presentation for Thomson Innovation when DWPI data is included in the record. Also added an option to choose how to treat DWPI data when present.

New in Version 3.4.6 (2011-05-04)

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.5 (2011-04-03)

  • Added support for the Notes field on
  • Fixed an error in full-text links to Delphion for 2010 and later US and PCT apps.
  • The first column (typically Title) is now available to be selected and moved on the Columns panel.
  • "Sort" now appears on the right mouse button menu.
  • Fixed a problem with wrong dates sometimes being displayed as publication dates in TotalPatent.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.4 (2011-02-27)

  • Orbit's XML appears to have changed slightly for text and claims, updated the software to handle the new structure. Also added support for ECLM in FAMPAT.
  • Added handling for the various descriptors from Medline, Embase, and Biosis on STN. Also fixed a bug in the Accession Number extraction for Medline.
  • Added initial support for TOXCENTER on STN.
  • Silent installations are now supported. See the instructions page for more details.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.3 (2011-01-27)

  • Fixed a problem with the links generated for some full text patents when using the Patent Family table. The kind code was not being included, even if present in the table.
  • No longer maps the Sequence ID # column from GenomeQuest to the Family ID or Accession Number column in other databases.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.2 (2010-11-02)

  • Improved handling of markup in cells for HTML exports. Among other things, this fixes a problem where < or > characters in cells would confuse Microsoft Word about where cells ended. Also URLs at the start of any line are now converted to hyperlinks in the HTML
  • Fixed a problem which could cause a crash when importing records from Patbase.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.1 (2010-10-08)

  • A small number of users upgrading from Version 3.3 to Version 3.4 found that when they opened a chart file or an import file, Version 3.3 would launch instead of the new software. This is fixed when installing this version. Check our Webinar schedule to learn more about Version 3.4.
  • The URL for Patbase Express direct links has changed. The software has been updated to work with the new URL.
  • Fixed a problem with the presentation of several fields in XML results from Questel. Also cleaned up the presentation of several fields in records in FAMPAT.
  • When saving a chart, the entire chart will be freshly written every time. This has been the case for Save As for a long time.
  • The Sort panel now starts with the current column selected. Also there is now a toolbar button for sorting.
  • Added a new command to hide the current column.

New and Fixed in Version 3.4.0 (2010-09-06)

  • Version 3.4 features a number of improvements for support of Windows 7 and Vista.
  • We recommend that customers who require an in-house certification process for new software begin the process with Version 3.4.
  • A new installation package now supports Administrator installations and many other common Windows features.
  • Application settings and saved templates are now stored in a user-writeable directory, not in the installation directory.
  • Details of all the changes which affect installation and administration of BizInt Smart Charts can be found at
  • The File | Import panel now lists the BPD file type by default (instead of All Files).
  • New features for moving rows within a chart (added in version 3.3.21).
  • Support for the new BizInt export on in addition to PatentExaminer, QPAT, and QWEB.
  • Support for LexisNexis TotalPatent (added in version 3.3.22).
  • More sources for full text patent links including Patent Order Direct (added through version 3.3.16).
  • Support for USGENE on STN (added in version 3.3.18).

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.22 (2010-07-12)

  • Support for LexisNexis TotalPatent. Export results from your TotalPatent work folder using the "Export to BizInt Smart Charts for Patents" option; a "BPD" (BizInt Patent Data) file will be exported from TotalPatent. Images are not currently exported from TotalPatent. More information can be found on the page Creating Reports from TotalPatent.
  • This release includes a few bug fixes related to initial support of TotalPatent in 3.3.21. In combined charts, TotalPatent families would appear in the Title column. Also added columns for the Main and Extended Family ids, cleaned up a few display glitches, and defined two chart templates.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.21 (2010-06-30)

  • Fixed problem with Move Rows feature which could cause the wrong row to move when hidden rows are present in the chart. Also added short cut Control-M.
  • Added support for KWIC in claims for US, EP, and PCT full text files on STN.
  • Questel's new platform includes an easy BizInt export.
  • Added support for TotalPatent from LexisNexis.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.20 (2010-03-31)

  • Added two new targets for links: Patbase Express family view; and PatentOrder Direct PDF access.
  • A new command on the Edit menu allows you to move a row (or rows) within the chart, to the top, bottom, or to a specific position in the chart.
  • Some families could cause version 3.3.19 to hang when importing from Patbase. This problem has been fixed.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.19 (2010-03-25)

  • Patent Family data from Patbase was previously presented alphabetically sorted. The family is now sorted by date with all publications for an authority together. Patent Number and Date columns now reflect the earliest publication.
  • Fixed mapping between GenomeQuest and USGENE Percent Identity fields.
  • Patent Number was not being populated in USGENE on STN.
  • Fixed problems that a few users would encounter when importing ZIP files. Also improved error reporting when importing multiple XML files from a ZIP.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause a crash or smeared image when pasting images into a chart cell.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.18 (2010-02-08)

  • Added initial support for USGENE on STN.
  • Fixed several glitches in the new features introduced in version 3.3.17.

New in Version 3.3.17 (2009-11-03)

  • A small change to the View Rows panel (which is now larger) now shows the row list starting with the current row. Once changes are made, the chart remains at the same position. Likewise for View Columns and Apply Template, the chart no longer jumps back to the top.

Fixed in Version 3.3.16 (2009-10-21)

  • Version 3.3.15 could cause a crash when creating full-text links from the Basic Patent Number field (as opposed to full Family data). This has been fixed.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.15 (2009-10-10)

  • Summary: This is a big collection of small fixes touching on several aspects of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents. The most extensive enhancements were to the full-text files on Questel, but useful changes were also made to USFULLTEXT on STN, Delphion, and to all databases on GenomeQuest. This release also fixes some known problems with full-text links, common family matching, and the mapping of fields into columns. The details are listed below.
  • Added support for XML exports from Questel's Patent Examiner.
  • Added support for PNB (Basic Patent Number) field in DWPI on Questel.
  • Fixed some issues with leading space in the Sequence and Alignment fields from GenomeQuest. Sort types have been set for all alignment parameter columns.
  • Fixed a problem extracting application dates from USFULLTEXT on STN. This would sometimes manifest as a missing priority date.
  • Cleaned up data from US, EP, and PCT files on Questel: fixed priority data issues; cleaned up inventor lists; abstracts; and added support for claims.
  • Fixed a few full-text link cases: EP A links to Micropatent; pre-2003 WO links to esp@cenet.
  • Fixed problems with common family matching too broadly for some KR documents and not matching some applications where leading zeros were different. Also made matching rules more strict for DK and CN documents.
  • Fixed a problem with importing application numbers from Delphion which caused US, WO, and JP numbers to be malformed.
  • Publication date for non-patent literature now maps to the Earliest Priority Date for patents (rather than publication date).
  • Updated the column mappings between US, EP, and PCT fulltext files.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.14 (2009-08-02)

  • More RTF files are now properly recognized by the software.
  • Fixed problem reading some files from Questel XML transcripts when highlights are included in the XML.
  • Added support for GeneSeq Nucleotides on GenomeQuest.
  • Fixed problem with Family display in GeneSeq on GenomeQuest.
  • Paste of simple text now fills the range of selected cells.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.13 (2009-05-12)

  • GenomeQuest databases now import the full list of patent family members. Also the publication date of the basic member is extracted and presented in the Patent Family.
  • Added support for EnCompassPAT from the Ei EnCompass website.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.12 (2009-03-06)

  • Added support for PatBase custom Inspection Fields. Inspection data will appear in user-added columns in the chart.
  • The File Import dialog can now be resized to view longer file names.
  • Links back to records on the new IDdb/Thomson Partnering site were broken. Charts built with this version or later will have correct links.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.11 (2009-02-05)

  • Fixed problem with loading patent families from Derwent WPI on Questel (XML only).
  • Fixed problem with loading priority information from Derwent WPI on STN.
  • Added support for file 525 as alias for BIOSIS on Dialog.
  • Fixed mapping for PCT and EP Fulltext "Patent Date" columns.
  • Fixed a problem that could sometimes cause cells to be placed in the wrong column when combining charts with no images.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.10 (2008-09-14)

  • Added support for "primary" classification fields on Micropatent.
  • Added sort type for STN answer set numbers which sorts first answer sets and then record numbers within the answer set.
  • Several GenomeQuest improvements: added support for multiple queries in a result set; support different databases as distinct entities.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.9 (2008-05-25)

  • Added support for several databases on Questel using the Full XML export format: DWPI, WPAM, USAPPS, EPAPAT, EPBPAT, PCTFULL (in addition to FAMPAT and USPATS which were already supported) We strongly suggest using Full XML exports for Questel search results.
  • Basic patent was not being extracted from Thomson Pharma IP records.
  • Files from STN containing only one record would not import if the record started at the very beginning of the file.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.8 (2008-05-05)

  • Added support for links to USPTO for US patents and applications.
  • Updated Help file. Fixed behavior of help button on some dialogs.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.7 (2008-04-22)

  • Fixed a problem with extracting Claims from certain Patbase records.
  • Added support for REGISTRY on STN.
  • Added mouse wheel support to record display and print preview.
  • Help is now accessible under Vista.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.6 (2008-03-30)

  • Fixed a problem which would occasionally cause the loss of the last line of records in plain text imports.
  • Fixed a problem with some Derwent WPI records on Dialog missing fields when imported into BizInt Smart Charts.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.5 (2008-03-06)

  • Sometimes BizInt Smart Charts labels a chart "combined" even when it comes from a single database. These charts were not combining well with other charts from the same database, but this has been fixed.
  • A new option on the HTML export panels allows you to turn off the "Link" to publisher records under the row number.
  • Corrected a few presentation issues in Thomson Pharma patents.
  • Added index terms and Registry number to WPAM definition.
  • Added support for the Inventor (first only) export field on Micropatent.
  • Fixed an issue with Mexican application numbers similar to the Indian application number issue fixed in the last release.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.4 (2008-01-31)

  • Fixed a bug in how Indian application numbers were being handled in the Identify Common Patent Family feature.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.3 (2008-01-29)

  • Added support for patents from Thomson Pharma.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.2 (2008-01-15)

  • Fixed a small formatting glitch in the Row Number column when exporting to HTML for Word or HTML for Excel.
  • Changed the import filters for Derwent WPI to try to move companies and other organizations to the front of the list of Patent Assignees, ahead of individuals.
  • Added support for IBIB format in USPATFULL on STN.
  • A sort order has been defined for the Row Status column.
  • Fixed a problem which could cause a crash when creating charts in certain circumstances.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.1 (2007-10-24)

  • The method by which large blocks of text were truncated for display in the table has been improved. You can also control the amount of text to be included in a cell from the Options menu entry "Truncate text in cells."
  • Some character entities were not being properly translated in Micropatent imports.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.0 (2007-10-09)

  • Cleaned up processing for Title, Abstract, and Claims in PatBase.
  • Added support for EPFULL on STN.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.0 Preview #3 (2007-10-05)

  • Added support for full-text links to Minesoft PatentOrder.
  • The imported file name is now used as the default chart title.
  • A few more small adjustments to the Combine/Update wizard.
  • Color coding for "Not in Added Results" row status was not showing up.
  • Removed the record type drop down from the Print dialog, since it was not working properly.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.0 Preview #2 (2007-10-01)

  • Full-text links can be controlled on a per-authority basis for US, EP, WO, and together for GB/FR patents.
  • Full-text links to esp@cenet can now be generated.
  • Fixed a few glitches in the new combine interface.
  • The various row-shading styles (from the Page Setup panel) now carry over to all of the HTML export formts. The same is also true for the color coding and highlighting of cells.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the first row to always appear as it's own shading color when using the shade based on sort order style.
  • An option has been added to the Sort panel to automatically invoke the style for shading based on sort order.
  • Changes to Page Setup can now be undone.
  • Now generates Publication Date field from Delphion.
  • Full-text links for 2007 PCT applications on Delphion have been fixed.

New and Fixed in Version 3.3.0 Preview #1 (2007-09-16)

  • A major reworking of the Combine dialog has been implemented. Details of the changes are at
  • You can now choose a row shading scheme which changes the shading every time the primary sort value changes. This is controlled on the Page Setup panel.
  • Fixed a problem which could cause a crash when highlighting rows or cells.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.20 (2007-08-14)

  • Fixed a serious bug in 3.2.19 which could cause STN transcripts to be unreadable.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.19 (2007-08-13)

  • Fixed a problem with reading alerts from STN in RTF format.
  • Further fixes to Claims on Dialog, including patent number and assignee extraction.
  • Support "Legal Status" in US Fulltext on Dialog.
  • Added support for "Original Abstract" field in Prous Integrity.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.18 (2007-07-11)

  • Fixed problem with IFI Claims on Dialog which caused assignees after the first to be lost.
  • Increased the resolution of images in the chart when exporting to Word.
  • Fixed detection of basic patent in CA on STN.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.17 (2007-06-20)

  • Fixed a bug in the handling of Technology Focus in WPIFV on Dialog.
  • Fixed a few column mappings for Micropatent.
  • Added Alignment field in GenomeQuest records, and fixed a problem which was removing whitespace from the alignment.
  • Supported full field labels for JAPIO on STN.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.16 (2007-04-24)

  • Fixed handling of IPC, ECLA, and US classes in CA/CAplus.
  • Added support for US classifications in WPI.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.15 (2007-03-29)

  • When a chart with multiple images in a row is exported to HTML, the same image would appear in each image cell. This has been fixed.
  • IPC was not being extracted from WPI on Dialog since the reload. Also cleaned up Derwent Class and a few other fields.
  • Earliest Priority Date from Derwent WPI First View was not being mapped to the equivalent column in other databases.
  • In CLAIMS on Dialog there were some cases in which probable assignees would not be displayed.
  • Added support for USPAT2 on STN.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.14 (2007-03-06)

  • If there are hidden rows present in a chart, the Identify Common Patent Families command was not assigning numbers to the correct rows.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.13 (2007-03-04)

  • Added "Basic Publication Date" extraction to KOREAPAT and JAPIO.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.12 (2007-03-01)

  • Add "Color Code Changed Cells" option to the view menu.
  • Created a "Basic Publication Date" column from databases organized by family (WPI, CA, etc.), which is treated like the Publication Date column from full-text databases.
  • Generated common fields from GenomeQuest from existing data, for purposes of combining with other databases.
  • Support for Minesoft's PatBase is included in this release.
  • Updated FamPat definition to include Inventor and Patent Assignee in the backing records.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.11 (2007-01-31)

  • Improved performance of color chart display.
  • Identify Common Patent Families was not writing the family values to the correct column if the column was already present.
  • Added support for FSTA, FROSTI, and AGRICOLA on STN.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.10 (2006-12-12)

  • Fixed problem with MARPAT patent family extraction.
  • The last line of records could be lost in TRN format from STN. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed extraction of abstract components, designated states, provisional applications, and a few small items for the Questel reload of WPI (as well as WPAM).

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.9 (2006-11-29)

  • WPI Application Details are not properly formatted in indented formats on STN. The software can now handle this problem data.
  • Fixed a bug which caused internal zeros in some application numbers to be deleted.
  • Added support for ECLA classifications in Micropatent.
  • Correct identification of basic patent in CA.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.8 (2006-11-05)

  • Fixed a problem with kind code extraction from IFIPAT on STN.
  • Updated indented labels for Derwent WPI on STN.
  • User-added and BizInt-generated columns are now identified on the View Columns panel.
  • Fixed a bug in the Row Status column which would cause a row to be marked as "User Data Added" when nothing had changed.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.7 (2006-10-29)

  • Updated support for Prous Integrity patents and DailyDrugPatents.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.6 (2006-10-26)

  • Adjusted patent family extraction from Derwent WPI on Questel.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.5 (2006-10-25)

  • The reload of Derwent WPI on STN included a few small changes, such as the label "PIA" for the patent family when displaying BIB ABS. These changes are now supported.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.4 (2006-10-25)

  • Added support for Gene-IT's GenomeQuest database.
  • Fixed a problem with links to the IDdb when exporting to Excel.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.3 (2006-10-12)

  • Full-text links to Delphion are now correct for most cases, even if a complete kind code is not availble in the chart.
  • Final changes for Prous Integrity patents.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.2 (2006-10-09)

  • Undo is now available for highlighting and for "Identify Common Patent Families".
  • Highlights now carry over to the HTML export. There is a checkbox on the HTML Export panel which allows you to disable highlights without affecting the chart.
  • Some versions of web browsers, Word, and Excel display text in sub-tables very small. There is an option on the HTML Export panel to use a larger font in sub-tables. This is saved separately for HTML, Word, and Excel exports.
  • Added support for Patents from Prous Integrity and Prous DailyDrugPatents.
  • Added "US Litigation" and "EP Opposition" fields to Micropatent.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.1 (2006-10-02)

  • Users can now highlight the contents of cells or rows. The highlights do not yet carry through to HTML export, and cannot be undone. Both of these limits will be fixed shortly.
  • Ranges of cells from Excel may now be pasted into BizInt Smart Charts.

New and Fixed in Version 3.2.0 (2006-09-10)

  • Fixed a bug which could cause missing data (including, possibly blank rows) when importing from Questel Orbit data.
  • Fixed a problem with loading application dates in CA/CAPlus.
  • Added support for patent data from the IDdb3.

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.14 (2006-08-13)

  • Lots of fixes to the Derwent WPI on Dialog. Some transcripts from before the reload may not behave perfectly, but we've tried to keep some backward compatibility. Patent Family, Abstracts, Titles, and a few related fields are clean now. Classifications are still a work in progress. Please let us know if you find cases which do not import cleanly.

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.13 (2006-07-25)

  • First pass of updates to the Derwent WPI on Dialog, fixing some of the more significant errors in loading. This will be a work in progress as we find additional cases that need to be supported.

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.12 (2006-06-14)

  • When combining charts a new Row Status column is created, indicating whether the row is unchanged, new, or updated. The column is not visible by default.
  • Fixed handling of some number formats which caused the Identify Common Patent Families command to miss matches.
  • Newly created combined charts now respond to the mouse wheel.
  • The "Back to Chart" link at each record now works even if multiple exported charts are combined into one file.
  • Fixed a problem which could cause record links (and displayed record numbers) to get out of sync in HTML export.
  • The HTML export options are now available when exporting to Word and Excel.
  • Added support for JAPIO on STN.

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.11 (2006-05-17)

  • This release includes an early look at the Identify Common Patent Families command (on the Tools menu). This command attempts to locate rows which refer to common publications and assign them a common number in the new Common Family column. Sort on this column to bring rows from different sources together.
  • The Statistics command has been moved from the View menu to Tools.

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.10 (2006-05-16)

  • Fixed a bug which could cause the first field in a record to be discarded in transcripts from Questel Orbit.

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.9 (2006-05-15)

  • For French, German, and Spanish language fields in Micropatent, the value is now ignored if the field contains the word "None".
  • Images are once again loaded from Questel Orbit in XML format.
  • Fixed a problem with some links to US apps on Delphion.
  • HTML Export Options panel is now available when exporting to Word or Excel, allowing you to specify stylesheets and other options. There are some differences in how Word sizes text, particularly in subtables. We will be introducing additional templates to address this problem in a later build.

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.8 (2006-04-30)

  • Now imports titles, abstracts, and claims in French, German, and Spanish from Micropatent, if they are present in the chart. Claims are only shown in the record.
  • Fixed an error in Micropatent full-text links when the kind code is A.
  • Added support for SCISEARCH on Dialog (file 34, 434).

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.7 (2006-04-05)

  • It is now possible to combine two or more charts in a single HTML file and have working record links for each chart.
  • Allows some HTML markup in DIALMAIL results.

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.6 (2006-03-23)

  • Derwent WPI First View abstracts were not being treated the same as the abstracts from WPI. This has been changed, so now there is a column named Abstract which contains the full abstract.
  • Cleaned up processing for WPI First View on Dialog.
  • Added support for FEDRIP (file 266) on Dialog.
  • Cleaned up processing for CLAIMS on Dialog, including adding support for probable assignees and multiple document numbers.

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.5 (2006-02-28)

  • Several changes introduced in a recent version of DialogLink caused a number of problems with importing RTF. Among the problems were data in incorrect fields and missing images. These have been fixed.
  • Excess spaces in Derwent abstracts on Dialog have been removed.

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.4 (2006-02-13)

  • DialogLink 5 occasionally saves graphics with the extension .PN rather than .PNG, and we now support this.
  • Also fixed a problem with the way Dialog's end-of-record marks were read in some cases, which would most often show up as an image not being imported.

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.3 (2006-02-09)

  • Added definition for KOREAPAT and FEDRIP on STN.
  • Updated support for WPI First View on Dialog to include additional abstract types, claims, and to support some IPC changes.

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.2 (2005-12-06)

  • Fixed a problem which could cause some records in STN transcripts to not be recognized.
  • Added Control-PageUp and Control-PageDown as shortcuts to move between records (or publisher images).

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.1 (2005-11-11)

  • Fixed a possible crash when reading TXT transcripts from Dialog. Also fixed a related problem which could cause the last line of a transcript to be lost from Dialog transcripts.
  • Fixed a problem which could cause Smart Charts to not be able to find any records in some Questel Orbit RTF files.
  • The first support for Questel Orbit's XML export has been added, with support now in place for FAMPAT.
  • Fixed processing error in Corporate Source field in INSPEC.

New and Fixed in Version 3.1.0 (2005-10-09)

  • Fixed a few problems which were reported in the DialogLink 5 support, including support for blank lines within a record.
  • The software would sometimes ask for "the last volume of a multi- volume ZIP file", a question that doesn't make sense in this context. The software will no longer make this request.
  • Added support for CANCERLIT, IPA, and Derwent Drug File on STN.
  • Added support for SciFinder Tagged Text exports.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0.8 (2005-09-25)

  • Fixed a problem which would cause BizInt Smart Charts to lock up when reading certain RTF files before reporting the contents of the imported file.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0.7 (2005-09-19)

  • The Full-Text link from STN Express is now imported as both the "publisher" link for a record as well as in a new column named Full Text Link.
  • DialogLink 5 is now supported, including images. We recommend the 2005.6.9 build or later, as there are problems with the RTF generated by earlier versions.
  • Dialog support has been adjusted to allow data in which the body of the text is not indented. The detection of record numbers within the transcript has also been made more flexible.
  • Fixed a problem which caused errors when importing Micropatent data containing quotes within field values.
  • Special characters (greeks, etc) are now translated in the abstract and claims from Micropatent.
  • Several errors in links generated to Delphion have been corrected.
  • The "link patent numbers to full text" property of columns is now set by chart templates when creating a new chart (previously it would only appear when applying a template to an existing chart).

New and Fixed in Version 3.0.6 (2005-08-31)

  • Added support for claims in USPATFULL on STN.
  • Added support for the TIEN title field in PASCAL on STN.
  • Change the default behavior when combining charts to append different values in user-added columns. This option was turned off by default.
  • In MicroPatent US records, the application date is used as the priority date if no explicit priority information is available.
  • Extraction of affiliation from Authors field in COMPENDEX on STN.
  • Fixed a problem which could cause a crash if an empty record was present in an STN transcript.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0.5 (2005-05-29)

  • Certain fields were not obeying the truncation limits specified in the SCPATENT.INI file. Among these were claims and the abstract from Derwent WPI. This problem has been fixed.
  • Section labels are now inserted in the full Derwent WPI abstract column.
  • In MicroPatent, US family members were not being added to the US Patent Number column. This has been fixed.
  • Legal Status is now available as a column from Micropatent.
  • The corporate affiliation has been separated from the list of authors and placed in a separate column in the COMPENDEX database on STN.
  • Added support for RAPRA and TULSA on STN. Patent documents from these databases are not supported in this build.
  • Added support for the BizInt export from Minesoft PatBase. Claims are not extracted in this build.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0.4 (2005-04-18)

  • A customer reported a conflict with WinZip under Windows XP which prevented the software from importing transcripts. By adding the following two lines to the SCPATENT.INI file you can disable the code which is causing this conflict. [Debug] DisableZIPRead=1

New and Fixed in Version 3.0.3 (2005-03-29)

  • Claims are properly separated in imports from Micropatent.
  • Added support for FAMPAT on Questel Orbit.
  • Added support for INSPEC and METADEX on STN.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0.2 (2005-02-27)

  • Dialog is presenting end-of-record marks in the middle of some TAG format records. This causes Smart Charts to miss some data in records from time to time. We have made Smart Charts more flexible in the format of data that it will accept.
  • Fixed processing for patent numbers in CLAIMS on Dialog (file 340).
  • Updated Help file.
  • Fixed Help button on Full Text Link and Chart Title panels.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0.1 (2005-02-22)

  • The combined abstract column in Derwent WPI was not appearing in some combined charts due to a bug introduced in 3.0 beta #11. The Abstract column in charts created with that version or later will be lost when combined with other charts. Charts created with this release (or later) will behave properly. If you need to combine a chart from the WPI with other charts, we suggest that you re-create it from the transcript. If that is not possible, please contact us so that we can provide a means to repair the existing chart.

Released as Version 3.0.0 (2005-02-14)

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #17 (2005-01-07)

  • Fixed a bug which caused images to print beyond the lower bounds of a row if the image column was wider than the image itself.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #16 (2004-12-14)

  • The software no longer crashes if no printer is displayed and the user attempts to view a record.
  • The user preference for how the database name appears in the title was not affecting the title at the top of the HTML table. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a crash (introduced in a recent beta build) when importing CA data with structures.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #15 (2004-11-29)

  • Fixed the URL edit area on the Row Properties panel so that text will wrap if exceeding one line long.
  • Full-text links are now generated in Basic Patent Number or US Patent Number columns.
  • Updated the mapping of non-patent CA records to correct several errors when combining patent and non-patent CA data.
  • A new option for creating statistics from the entire contents of a cell has been added.
  • The Hide Row command is now available from the record and publisher image views. Also the chart did not redraw properly if the last row was hidden. This problem has been fixed.
  • Structures drawn with ISIS/Draw can be pasted into cells.
  • After performing a Save As (or saving a new chart), images in the chart would disappear, only to reappear after closing and re-opening the chart, or changing the image column size. This problem has been fixed.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #14 (2004-11-21)

  • Fixed a problem which could cause the last line of text in a cell to not print in some cases.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #13 (2004-11-11)

  • Removed the "Include images in charts" option on the HTML Export panel. This behavior is always activated now.
  • Renamed "Active HTML links in cells" option on the HTML Export panel to "Convert URLs to links", to more accurately reflect the option.
  • The publisher URL for a row is now editable on the Row Properties panel.
  • A new Chart Title Preferences panel (Options | Chart title style) allows you to select how the database name is shown with the chart title. You can choose to never show the database name, only to show it when the rows come from one database, or to show "Combined" when the chart comes from several sources.
  • The behavior of the full-text patent link generation can now be controlled using the Options | Full-text patent links menu option. With this panel you can choose Micropatent or Delphion as your target.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #12 (2004-11-04)

  • Adjusted processing for Micropatent's new BPD export.
  • BizInt Smart Charts now handles CSV files saved by Excel gracefully.
  • Added handling for the PI field in BIOSIS on STN.
  • Added handling for the BC field in US Fulltext (654) on Dialog.
  • Added a new column "Abstract" for Derwent WPI which contains the full abstract. Updated the column mapping to combine this column with the abstracts from other sources.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #11 (2004-10-18)

  • This release includes an experimental capability to generate links to full-text patent documents on the internet (Micropatent or Delphion). Please contact if you would like details on testing this capability.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #10 (2004-10-17)

  • Fixed a problem that could cause charts created with version 2.4 (or earlier) to be corrupted when saved with version 3.0.
  • The "Also:" marker that could be inserted into user columns when combining was not properly formatted. This has been fixed.
  • Renamed "Fit to Window" for images to "Shrink to Fit". The new name more accurately describes the software's behavior.
  • Added definition for MicroPatent's MP-Inpadoc database.
  • Added rules for combining Derwent WPI First View with other databases. WPIFV is supported on STN only in this release.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #9 (2004-09-21)

  • Fixed two problems with the Find command. The first could cause the wrong text to be found (only if Match Case was not selected). The second could cause a crash in very specific circumstances.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #8 (2004-09-08)

  • Added support for MicroPatent .BPD exports.
  • Fixed the Publisher Image View window to allow stretching images beyond 100% when ImageFitStretch=1 is set in the [Preferences] section of the INI file.
  • Fixed a problem with the Cut command which caused the clipboard to be empty.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #7 (2004-08-09)

  • The behavior when you double-click on an image in a chart has changed. Any image (including pasted images) may now be viewed by double-clicking the cell. If you want to browse the images from the publisher, there is now a new option for Publisher Images on the View menu. This is the familiar image view from previous versions.
  • You may now copy the image in the image view windows.
  • Pasted images are now retained when you combine charts.
  • A new "fit to window" option is available for the image viewer (this is only available for the single Image view, not the Publisher Images view in this build).
  • A bug which caused some data in user-added columns to be lost when combining charts has been fixed.
  • In general, the rules for how data is selected for a cell in a combined chart have been refined. See for more information on this topic.
  • You can now view information on what happened to a row during a combine operation on the Row Properties panel. The specific values are explained on the webpage mentioned above.
  • Fixed the irregular indentation which appeared in some records.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #6 (2004-07-12)

  • Copy/paste of cell ranges containing images is now supported.
  • Images may now be pasted into the first column.
  • If you copy a range of cells and paste to a single cell, the entire range will be pasted. If you copy a single cell and paste to a range, the value from the single cell will fill the range.
  • Save As now asks whether you want to replace a file with the same name.
  • A chart would (rarely) have one or more rows corrupted. In the past the user was directed to contact support for assistance. The chart is now recovered automatically, and instructions for working with the recovered chart are given to the user.
  • The "View Record on Publisher Website" option is now available for Delphion rows. This will bring you to the Delphion Integrated View that corresponds to the given row. Also Delphion rows will now handle duplicates properly when combining charts.
  • In Micropatent, the Standardized Patent Assignee will be used as the Patent Assignee if that field is not present.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #5 (2004-06-27)

  • Assigned keyboard shortcuts to access the Row and Column Properties.
  • The ability to shift- or control-select was accidentally removed in the last beta. It has been restored.
  • Delphion support is mostly complete now.
  • Fixed a number of errors and ommissions in the definition of how columns from different databases are aligned. This affected CA (between Patent and Non-patent records), Claims, Micropatent, Delphion, and the various fulltext databases.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #4 (2004-06-03)

  • Cleaned up how TAB/Shift+TAB move among cells and sub-cells when editing.
  • You can now press Control+UpArrow or Control+DownArrow to move to the next cell in a column when editing cells (to avoid a mouse click).
  • Double clicking on a column header brings up the Column Properties dialog now. Menu entries to edit the column title have been removed.
  • Fixed a problem with editing subcells at the end of a sub-row which could cause the cell contents to vanish.
  • Updated Micropatent definition to support changed field names and layout for priority data. Also added a space between authority and serial number for additional family members. Cleaned up claims presentation.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #3 (2004-05-27)

  • Introducing preliminary support for Delphion Data Extract in XML. The record display behind the chart is not very clean, and several fields are not yet present (application, priority, and claims are the most significant missing fields).
  • The copyright message printed or exported for a record now comes from the record itself, when possible.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #2 (2004-05-20)

  • There is now a column created with the record position in a transcript for STN (L4 1 OF 62), Questel Orbit (1/25), and Dialog (1/9/1). The column is called "Record Num.", and is hidden by default.

New and Fixed in Version 3.0 Beta #1 (2004-05-19)

  • For some patent families in WPI on Questel the kind code and date were not being properly extracted. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed extraction of designated states, applications, and other data related to patents from WPI on Questel.
  • Fixed extraction and display of Micropatent document numbers.
  • Additional updates to the MicroPatent Fulltext PatSearch definition.
  • CA records which list Patent as a document type, but not as the first document type, are now identified as patents.
  • Fixed crash when dragging the mouse beyond the extent of the chart.
  • Updated right mouse menus.
  • Added column and row property dialogs, including the ability to change the sort type of a column.
  • Added export formats for sending HTML to Word and Excel.
  • Fixed HTML export dialog so that Style selection persists.
  • RTF export now includes a table of contents mark for all titles.

Corrected Install Image (2003-11-18)

  • Fixed a problem with the CLAIMS record definitions which caused a crash when the record was displayed or exported.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.23 (2003-11-13)

  • Fixed a problem which could cause the last line of text to be lost in some records from Dialog.
  • Now supports the patent number displayed as part of the XA field on file 350 (WPIX) on Dialog.
  • Claims text from file 654 on Dialog is now loaded appropriately.
  • Fixed a problem with loading priority dates in CA and MARPAT.
  • Added file PCTFULL on STN.
  • Fixed a problem which caused the chart to be in "selection" mode after editing a cell, and which could cause a crash in some cases.
  • Restructured the records in CLAIMS and US Fulltext to be more consistent with the other databases.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.22 (2003-10-13)

  • Micropatent has changed the value separators in the Fulltext PatSearch export data. The new value is supported.
  • Slightly improved support for symbol characters in RTF transcripts which have been edited in Word.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.21 (2003-09-30)

  • Fixed a problem which caused "End of file" messages to appear when printing or displaying records with large images.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.20 (2003-09-24)

  • Fixed crash when right-clicking in chart window but below cells.
  • Renamed HTML styles to something more descriptive.
  • Fixed problem that caused chart to print several times on some printers (under Windows 2000 or XP).
  • Arrow key behavior has been changed so that the cursor doesn't go past the edge of the table (it had been wrapping to the next line).
  • Editing empty sub-cell values at the end of a sub-row (or in an empty cell) sometimes caused the values to appear in the first cell after finishing the edit. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that caused images to vanish when column width increased.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.19 (2003-08-12)

  • Fixed a problem with reading Dialog data when records are displayed using the direct (accession number) method. This change improves the accuracy of locating records in Dialog transcripts in general.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.18 (2003-07-21)

  • Fixed a problem which caused the menu for an image cell to possibly affect the wrong cell.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.17 (2003-07-19)

  • Updated the STN import to support RTF alerts.
  • Fixed a bug in the Dialog RTF reader which prevented files with only a single record from being recognized.
  • Fixed problem with odd characters in some fields of Medline, Embase, and Biosis on Dialog.
  • Added context-sensitive menus on the right mouse button.
  • Fixed the software so that it can properly open read-only files. This should prevent "SHARE" error messages.
  • The TAB key now moves between cells (and sub-cells) more naturally.
  • Added support for mouse wheels for moving within the chart.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Scaled width" HTML export style. Subtables now scale along with the rest of the chart.
  • Replace All command now reports the number of replacements performed.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.16 (2003-06-09)

  • A problem with crashes when displaying records has been fixed.
  • There is a new option in HTML Export to make links in cells active. If you type a URL (complete with "http:" or other protocol) the text of the URL will be turned into a link. There can be multiple links in a single cell.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.15 (2003-06-02)

  • HTML Export has been updated significantly. You now have the option of using stylesheets to control presentation of the chart. The old style of HTML is also available. Stylesheets are in a new css folder.
  • Bold and italics are now preserved in chart cells exported to HTML.
  • An option to include custom HTML above the chart, for example to include your department logo, is now available.
  • In HTML export, the "back to chart" links at each record now return to the corresponding row in the table.
  • The link optionally added at the top of the HTML export now handles spaces in the link properly.
  • "Replace All" command is now implemented.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.14 (2003-03-24)

  • Fixed a crash when double-clicking in an empty sub-cell at the end of a sub-row.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.13 (2003-03-10)

  • Fixed a crash when displaying records by double-clicking the row number or column heading. This crash was introduced in 2.3.11.
  • You can now edit a single cell of a sub-table by double clicking on the cell.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.11 (2003-03-07)

  • Fixed a problem which could cause a crash under Windows XP when password protected screen savers are used.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.10 (2003-03-05)

  • Added support for multiple PN, STN, and PA fields in PlusPat. Values from PN2, PN3, etc. are appended to the value from PN.
  • Some preferences can now be set on a site-wide basis. See for details.
  • Support new format for the "start of record" line on Questel Orbit which is used in RTF alerts.
  • Now supports exports from the latest version of Imagination.
  • Added export for VantagePoint along with a corresponding template for Derwent WPI.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.9 (2003-02-06)

  • Fixed a problem with importing abstracts from WPI and CLAIMS on STN when the transcript is in RTF format. Text was being truncated at the start of lines.
  • Statistics on the IPC column in combined charts now offer the IPC options dialog.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.8 (2003-01-15)

  • Updated support for US Patents (file 654) on Dialog to properly display patent numbers, priorities, etc. CIP, Div, Continuation data is not displayed at this time. Please contact us at if you need these fields.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.7 (2002-12-31)

  • Fixed problem that caused the option to export images in chart to not be available when the only images in the chart were pasted in. The option only appears now when there are visible images.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.6 (2002-12-20)

  • Fixed a bug in processing the priority application data for Chemical Abstracts which caused the priority date field to be empty for most records.
  • Introduced the ability to copy images from a chart, or paste images into a chart. There a number of limitations on this feature in this release, in particular you can't paste into the "title" (first) column. Also some color images are not importing properly.
  • Included the file 851 alias for WPI (described below) which was accidentally left out of the build.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.5 (2002-11-24)

  • Added support for new alert format on Dialog. Simply save all attachments to a directory and import the primary file. Also added file 851 as an alias for the Derwent WPI for monthly alerts.
  • Added definitions for SCISEARCH, JICST, PASCAL, and ENCOMPLIT on STN.
  • The "Find" command now highlights the text in the cell (and you can edit it directly). Text in sub-tables is not yet handled in the same manner.
  • A new "Replace" command is available on the Edit menu. Note that in this build the "Replace All" button only replaces the current instance of the term. Replace does not work on sub- tables yet.
  • Long words wrap in cells now. In general, the display in a cell matches the display when you edit a cell. Also, a slight margin has been added under the text in sub-cells.
  • Editing cells under Windows NT/2000/XP no longer causes the text area to shrink.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.4 (2002-10-13)

  • Corrected formatting error in Patent Family from Micropatent FullText.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.3 (2002-10-01)

  • Added supported fields to MicroPatent FullText (Designated States, PCT Application, and Family Members).
  • Fixed problem with Derwent WPI on Questel when images were included in the transcript (reporting that some records were empty).

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.2 (2002-09-19)

  • Fixed an error in the "Add User Row" feature which could cause rows to be lost, made visible when once hidden, or have the incorrect record associated with the row. This was not a problem if the row was added at the end of the chart.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.1 (2002-09-08)

  • Adapted to a problem with Derwent WPI on Dialog (possibly only on which caused leading characters in some words in the title to be lost.
  • The software now distinguishes between patent and non-patent records in Chemical Abstracts. The biggest advantage of this change is that Authors will not be duplicated as Inventors in the record (and likewise for Corporate Source/Assignee).
  • Updated definitions for the MicroPatent FullText PatSearch service to support the new CSV export labels. For a full description of the fields supported, please see our website at

Updated 2.3.0 installation image (2002-08-26)

  • The help file would report error messages on some computers (depending on what other software was installed). The new help file has been added to the installation.
  • Fixed the definition file for Derwent WPI on STN to use the correct function for loading images. This was a problem with RTF transcripts only.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3.0 (2002-08-09)

  • Fixed a problem which could cause charts to become corrupted due to damaged rows.

New and Fixed in Version 2.3 Beta #6 (2002-07-26)

  • Fixed problem that caused crash when there was the processing of a field failed. Errors are now reported to the user properly.
  • Fixed problem that caused crash when exporting HTML with images in both chart and records.

New and Fixed in version 2.3 Beta #5 (2002-07-15)

  • Fixed problem that could cause crash when importing records from USPATFULL on STN.
  • Fixed problem with reading DWPI indented formats, apparently introduced in version 2.3 beta #2.
  • Fixed typo in spelling of Language field in all bibliographic databases.
  • Added basic support for MARPAT on STN.

New and Fixed in version 2.3 Beta #4 (2002-07-09)

  • Ensured that memory for images in charts is properly freed. This should remove most limitations on number of images in a chart file.
  • Fixed support for MicroPatent to allow the new FullText PatSearch format to be read.
  • Added warning when importing RTF files which appear to have been edited in Microsoft Word.

New and Fixed in version 2.3 Beta #3 (2002-06-02)

  • Fixed problem with records from DialogLink 3.0 in which the image was in the middle of the record.
  • Added support for the IDdb3.
  • Cleaned up several paragraphs in PLUSPAT.

New and Fixed in version 2.3 Beta #2 (2002-05-20)

  • Improved support for QWEB and QPAT transcripts including images from PLUSPAT.
  • Added support for RTF files from DialogLink 3.0.

New and Fixed in version 2.3 Beta #1 (2002-05-03)

  • Fixed several problems with CA processing. The AB field is now loaded from RTF transcripts. Most fields are now supported in indented (IBIB) format.

New and Fixed in version 2.2.10 (2002-04-28)

  • Added support for abstract structures from Chemical Abstracts (RTF transcripts only).
  • Added support for RTF transcripts from STN (generated by STN Express) and from Questel Orbit (QWEB/QPAT).
  • Most fields from CA are supported in indented format, although the patent family is not one of them in this release.
  • Printed image quality is significantly improved.
  • Fixed problem with loading images from WPI on STN when transcript is in indented format.
  • Fixed numerous problems with QWEB and QPAT transcripts.
  • Fixed problem with printing chart cells in which some subcells are empty.
  • Added image support for FRPAT, PlusPat on Questel Orbit.

New and Fixed in version 2.2.9 (2002-03-07)

  • Added support (somewhat incomplete) for the USPATFULL file on STN.

New and Fixed in version 2.2.8 (2002-02-23)

  • The "Add Row" command now adds a row immediately after the current row, rather than at the end of the chart.
  • A new command is available on the View menu to "Go To Row". This allows the user to jump directly to a specific row number in the chart. You can also use CONTROL-G to bring up this command. Enter a large number (like 999) to go to the last record.
  • Added two new options to the RTF export panel. The first option will add a record number to the start of each record. The second option will separate records with a horizontal line rather than a page break. This is useful for saving paper when exporting short records.
  • Rows of the chart no longer move up or down on the screen when hiding rows.
  • When combining charts with duplicate rows, it was possible for the software to crash or behave erratically. A crash was likely if the same record appeared three or more times in the source charts. This has been fixed.

New and Fixed in version 2.2.7 (2002-02-19)

  • Fixed problem with processing CA records that caused the Author and Corporate Source fields to be empty.
  • The software was incorrectly mapping the entire Extension Abstract to the Example column (for Derwent WPI data imported from Dialog). This has been corrected.

New and Fixed in version 2.2.6 (2002-02-10)

  • Completed support for exports from QWEB. In general the software should be capable of reading most tagged data from Questel Orbit now, rather than requiring a specific set of print options.
  • When using the Hide Rows command, the list of records in the Records panel could get out of sync with the chart. This problem has been fixed.

New and Fixed in version 2.2.5 (2002-02-03)

  • Fixed problem that caused sort columns to be missing when the sort panel is next opened.
  • Made Questel*Orbit result line detection more flexible to support QWEB.

New and Fixed in version 2.2.4 (2001-12-09)

  • Fixed a problem that would cause program to crash when opening the Sort panel on combined charts. Also fixed a related problem that would possibly cause duplicate sort columns, or cause a column to not be available for sorting.
  • Fixed problem when printing records that caused an "Unexpected end of file" error message, after which the image in the record and any following text would be missing.

New and Fixed in version 2.2.3 (2001-11-25)

  • Fixed bug that caused last image in chart (in order of creation) to be lost after Save As... operation.
  • Fixed crash when closing chart opened from a directory with a long path name.

New and Fixed in version 2.2.2 (2001-07-10)

  • Fixed problem with abstracts splitting over several pages with imports from Questel Orbit.
  • Fixed print and HTML export behavior if first column has a subtable, image, or other value.
  • Set correct keys for deduplication in each database.

New and Fixed in version 2.2.1 (2001-05-28)

  • Fixed bug in stats that caused hidden rows to be counted.
  • Fixed problem with saving templates when hidden rows were used to sort the chart before saving template.
  • Introduced first support for EMBASE, Medline, and BIOSIS.

New and Fixed in version (2001-05-06)

  • Fixed problem that caused black band on right side of some images.
  • Changed Print Setup to invoke the correct dialog.

New and Fixed in version (2001-05-01)

  • Added support for importing Micropatent CSV exports.

New and Fixed in version (2001-04-26)

  • Fixed problem displaying some records with large images from the Derwent WPI.
  • Fixed print panel to read "All" instead of "All 999 pages"
  • Changed "Select All" behavior on Row and Column panels so that the list doesn't scroll.
  • Removed "Split table" option as a default selection in HTML export.
  • Added initial FPAT and PLUSPAT support on Questel*Orbit.

New and Fixed before version beta (2001-04-18)

  • fixed font sizes in HTML and RTF export
  • fixed error reporting in record processing
  • adjusted the software to allow records from DialogClassic even when the title is indented in the transcript
  • adjusted processing for WPI abstracts on Dialog to allow for variations in section labels
  • added new options for HTML export
  • removed "read only" boxes from the Save As dialog
  • fixed bugs in Hide Rows command when more than one row is selected
  • fixed bug in reading Questel*Orbit Imagination output
  • a rudimentary statistics capability has been added
  • long file names are supported
  • there should be no limits on STN Express transcript names
  • HTML export has an option to include images in records
  • HTML export now generates links between the chart and records which are compatible with Word and Excel
  • HTML export of cells with only one character work properly
  • RTF export now includes images in records