Support: Tips for Using BizInt Smart Charts

Color-Coding Cells

A new feature for color-coding cells using eight pre-defined colors was introduced in BizInt Smart Charts for Patents 5.5 (April 2021) and BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite 5.3.1 (May 2021).

If you want to add a color-code key to your Word or other report, here is a sample color-code key Excel file to get you started.


Step by Step
  1. Select the cell (or group of cells) to color-code, then click on the down arrow next to the paint bucket icon on the toolbar to bring up the Color Cells panel to select your color. Or choose Text | Color cell on the menu to color the cell in the most recently selected color.

  2. Selecting a cell and clicking on the Paint Bucket icon will color the cell in the currently selected color, shown in the rectangular below the paint bucket.

  3. To remove the color-coding for a cell, select the cell and click on the white box with the blue "X", or choose Text | Clear cell color.

  4. You can close the Color Cells panel, or drag it to another location on your screen.
  5. You can choose "Text | Clear all cell colors" to remove all color-coding. Or, you can hide cell colors by unclicking the View | Enable Cell Colors option, then select it again to redisplay your cell colors.

  6. Note that colors will look different when combined with grey row shading.


Updated April 2021