BizInt Smart Charts Cookbook

Cookbook of Reports & Visualizations Created with the BizInt Smart Charts Product Family

The Cookbook illustrates how to create some popular visualizations and reports from drug pipeline, clinical trials, and patent data using tools in the BizInt Smart Charts family. The Cookbook provides step-by-step recipes showing how you can create these reports and visualizations.

Download your copy of the Cookbook using the link below:

Cookbook of Reports & Visualizations (February 2018, 17 MB PDF)

Looking for previous editions of the Cookbook? You can find them here.

Sample Recipes in the Cookbook


Training (I) and (II) - Creating Trial Piano Charts and Trial Completion Timelines from Clinical Trial Data with VP-SCE

On this webpage you will find sample data and recipes designed to familiarize you with the features of VantagePoint - Smart Charts Edition (VP-SCE). You will learn to clean-up data and create two visualizations, using a training set of clinical trial data.

Summarizing Sequence Locations in a Patent Family

In this recipe you will learn how to use features in BizInt Smart Charts Reference Rows to create a subtable summarizing key sequence information for each family. VP-SCE is not required for this recipe.

Creating Piano Charts from Drug Pipeline Data

On this webpage you will find examples and recipes for creating "piano charts", which help you visualize a drug pipeline.

Extracting the Highest Phase for an Indication

In this recipe, you will learn how to use VP-SCE to normalize indications and phase terminology and to create a column in BizInt Smart Charts with a column showing the highest phase for a specific indication.

Launch Timeline

This recipe shows how to create a launch timeline visualization showing estimated launch dates for a set of drugs arranged into horizontal categories, or lanes.

The "recipes" in the Cookbook make use of the following products in the BizInt Smart Charts product family:

Previous Editions of the Cookbook

December 2016, 16 MB PDF

February 2016, 20 MB PDF (updated for VP-SCE 9.1)

October 2015 (use with older versions of VP-SCE)