Products: VantagePoint - Smart Charts Edition

Training examples

Ready to get started learning how to use VantagePoint - Smart Charts Edition (VP-SCE)?

We've put together a sample data set and two recipes to help you learn how to use VP-SCE to create clinical trial piano chart and trial completion timeline visualizations. Using a file exported from BizInt Smart Charts, you will learn how to do basic data clean-up in order to create two visualizations.

Note: these recipes require Version 11 of VantagePoint - Smart Charts Edition.

Want a headstart? Request a web session to build these charts with our assistance.

Here is what you need:

  1. Training dataset (right click to save this file to your PC or desktop): training.vpxi
  2. Recipes (step-by-step instructions): Training_Recipes_MCC.pdf
  3. Date thesaurus file -- used with the trial completion timeline to normalize partial dates (right click to save this file to your PC. You should save it to your VantagePoint-SCE\Thesaurus\ folder): FindReplace_MonthYYYY.the
  4. Type of Compound thesaurus file: Type of Compound_v3.the