Customer Product Downloads

Customers with valid licenses and current support contracts can download the latest version of BizInt Smart Charts products by clicking on the links below.

To access the download pages below you will need to enter the userid and password supplied to you or your group. You can obtain this from the BizInt Smart Charts techical contact for your location or email

BizInt Smart Charts for Patents (Version 4.5)

BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite (Version 4.4.1)


Note: If you install the Drug Development Suite, do NOT also install the Drug Pipelines and Clinical Trials software. The Drug Development Suite includes support for both pipeline and clinical trials information.

BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines (Version 4.4.1)

BizInt Smart Charts for Clinical Trials (Version 4.4.1)

BizInt Smart Charts Viewer (Version 4.0.0)


Please fill out the *required information* with complete and accurate information so that we can validate your download. Thank you!


VantagePoint - BizInt Smart Charts Edition: please download the latest software from the VantagePoint website.

If you are having difficulties accessing the download pages:
  • Check that you are entering the userid and password for the correct product.
  • Customers with site or global licenses will have the same userid and password for all products.
  • Check that you are entering the userid and password in all lower case.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please call us at +1.714.289.1000 or email