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The BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite includes the full capabilities of both BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines and BizInt Smart Charts for Clinical Trials. All three products are released in unison. Changes which affect only Clinical Trials or Drug Pipelines are noted in the release notes.

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Current Release

Current version: BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite Version 4.3.1 (2017-02-15)

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System Requirements

Release History for the Last 18 Months

New and Fixed in Version 4.3.1 (2017-02-15)

  • Modified the filters for Ovid to be more forgiving of variations in file segment names for Embase and Medline.

Announcing Version 4.3 (2016-12-12)

Drug Pipelines

  • Added support for Adis Drug Insights on ProQuest Dialog.
  • Added new Tool to extract the highest phase for each indication in the Drug Development Phase table.

New and fixed in Version 4.2.3 (2016-10-07)

Clinical Trials

  • Several fixes related to Eudra Clinical Trials: fix the "Unable to understand file" error that some users experience when importing results; import results with only a single trial; handle multi-line trial titles (a rare occurrence).

New and Fixed in Version 4.2.2 (2016-06-13)

Drug Pipelines

  • Fixed several performance problems when loading results from InfoDesk PipelinePlus. Also fixed a problem with the import of Cortellis DrugId.
  • Clean up Licensing Availability and Major Market Status from Pharmaprojects (Citeline web and InfoDesk).

Reference Rows

  • Fixed two crashes in Reference Rows - a crash during the wizard when applying a rules template; and a crash when exporting to Excel if all rows for a source database are hidden.

New and Fixed in Version 4.2.1 (2016-02-26)

  • Adds support for a new file segment in Embase on Ovid, and fixes a problem with descriptor processing in that file.
  • Supports an upcoming change to InfoDesk PipelinePlus which will change some internal labels for Pharmaprojects data.

Announcing Version 4.2 (2016-01-28)

With Version 4.2 we are proud to release official support for InfoDesk PipelinePlus and improvements in exports to Excel and Word.

  • Links back to the PipelinePlus system are available for all records, with support for all export formats including Excel and Word. More details can be found at:
  • Uses the correct form of links for Cortellis and InfoDesk PipelinePlus when exporting to Excel and Word from BizInt Smart Charts or Reference Rows. These links use a special form of the record URL which won't cause the Office tools to report errors.
  • Major improvements to Excel exports from Reference Rows, allowing more control over the source database presentation. Fixed display issues with these changes in version 4.1.1.

New and Fixed in Version 4.1.1 (2016-01-06)

  • Fixed a bug in the Reference Rows export to Excel when all rows for a particular database are hidden. Also added an option to control whether the list of source databases is shown in separate columns.

BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines

  • Fixed several issues with imports from InfoDesk PipelinePlus: links are now captured for all records; leading spaces in many values have been removed; properly classifies companies as Originator in Cortellis and R&D Focus records.

Announcing Version 4.1 (2015-10-31)

Announcing Version 4.1, with support for EudraCT and enhanced support for, TrialTrove, Ovid and PubMed, plus initial support for InfoDesk PipelinePlus.

BizInt Smart Charts for Clinical Trials

  • New - Support for clinical trials downloads from the European Clinical Trials Registry (EudraCT).
  • Cleaned up the presentation of several fields from
  • TrialTrove: Added support for several new fields on TrialTrove: " sites"; "MeSH Terms"; "Source".
  • Ovid: Several Embase file segments were not being recognized. Now captures the document link and annotations, if present in the XML export.
  • PubMed: Adds support for clinical trial IDs in PubMed.
  • Fixed a problem which would cause charts not to open after creation in BizInt Smart Charts for Clinical Trials.

BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines

  • Preliminary support for the new BizInt Smart Charts export from InfoDesk PipelinePlus, with initial support for publisher records from Pharmaprojects, Cortellis, and R&D Focus. Publisher content from R&D Insight is not imported in this release. Learn more.

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