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Current version: BizInt Smart Charts for Patents Version 4.4 (2017-02-25)

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Release History for the Last 18 Months

Announcing Version 4.4 (2017-02-25)

  • Added support for the new FULLPAT database from, replacing the PLUSPAT database.
  • Modified the filters for Ovid to be more forgiving of variations in file segment names for Embase and Medline.
  • Fixed a problem which could cause the software to hang in some situations when loading incomplete XML files. These conditions were encountered by several users with exports from PatBase.

Announcing Version 4.3 (2016-09-20)

  • Added alias for IFIALL on STN, fixed processing of several fields.
  • The way that the source document is noted on has changed. Displays the source document in Abstract, Claims, and Independent Claims fields.
  • In Patbase publication level exports, correctly identify the source of the claims text. In family level exports, now captures the source document for the abstract, if given.
  • Supports the new URL for PatentScope when generating full text links.

Announcing Version 4.2 (2016-02-26)

Announcing Version 4.2, with support for images from CAplus on new STN and enhanced support for new STN, PatBase, GenomeQuest and Embase on Ovid.

  • New STN: Fixes missing family data from some CAplus records and Patent Assignees on DWPI, due to ongoing changes on the new STN platform. First support for chemical structure images from new STN (support for 24 bit images, color and hit structures will be coming in future releases.) If you are using new STN, we strongly recommend that you install this release.
  • PatBase: Support for the new Probable Assignee field.
  • GenomeQuest: Support for the Earliest Priority Date and Filing Date (as Application Date) fields.
  • Ovid: Support for a new file segment in Embase, and fixes a problem with descriptor processing in that file.
  • Improved export to Excel from Reference Rows, with more options for displaying the source record information.

New and Fixed in Version 4.1.3 (2015-12-13)

  • Support structure images from CAplus and DCR on the new STN platform. There are issues with image quality that we are working to fix.
  • Fixed a bug in the Reference Rows export to Excel when all rows for a particular database are hidden. Also added an option to control whether the list of source databases is shown in separate columns.

New and Fixed in Version 4.1.2 (2015-11-23)

This is an interim release for new STN users, to support unexpected changes introduced in the 19 November platform update of new STN.

  • The Patent Assignee field was not being populated in DWPI on new STN.
  • Support changes to patent and application data in the "Basic" export format for DWPI on new STN.
  • Now supports alerting abstracts in DWPI on new STN.

New and Fixed in Version 4.1.1 (2015-11-03)

  • PatBase: add support for the Probable Patent Assignee field.
  • Fix a problem in Reference Rows which could cause records to be exported in the Excel export.

Announcing Version 4.1 (2015-10-31)

Announcing Version 4.1, with a new Summary Record export for Word and enhancements for PatBase, Ovid, PubMed and Registry.

  • New - Summary Record for Word export from both BizInt Smart Charts for Patents and Reference Rows: creates a Word document with records based on visible columns in your table. Learn more.
  • PatBase: Selects a more relevant set of claims from PatBase, and labels the source publication in both the chart and records.
  • Ovid: Capture document links and annotations from Ovid XML exports.
  • PubMed: Adds support for clinical trial IDs in PubMed.
  • Registry: Support the Source Registry field (SR) in classic STN.

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