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Current version: BizInt Smart Charts for Patents Version 5.6 (2021-11-28)

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Release History for the Last 18 Months

Introducing Version 5.6 (2021-11-28)

We are pleased to announce version 5.6 of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents, introducing a simplified Reference Rows workflow and the ability to hide Reference Rows, as well as database improvements and new features.

Reference Rows

  • New workflow: Send to Reference Rows command now sends a chart from BizInt Smart Charts directly to Reference Rows, without having to save the chart or go through a wizard.
  • Hide Reference Rows: a new Hide Reference Rows command is available on the right-mouse menu. You can also hide and move Reference Rows, and make them visible again, with the new View | Reference Rows panel.
  • Common Patent Family column is now automatically generated when you combine charts, or when you send a chart to Reference Rows.
  • A new row number scheme, icons, and glyphs.
  • Learn more on the Reference Rows Tips page.

Databases and Hosts

  • STN: Fixes a bug with handling of Greek characters in STNext RTF exports. Adds support for claims in CAPlus.
  • PatBase: In publication level exports, put the MemberList into a separate field rather than in the family.
  • PubMed: Captures the Corporate Source / Affiliation in the text export.
  • STNext XML: Initial support for the upcoming BizInt XML export on STNext. We expect an update release (5.6.1) in December to address any issues that come up.

And finally...

  • A new option for links to the PatDocs Family Tree has been added to the Summary Records export. Fixed a bug that prevented the Links section from appearing in Reference Rows exports.
  • Color-Coding Cells: You can now choose to color-code cells in eight colors. Learn more on the Color-Coding Cells Tips page.
  • The Choose Color panel would occasionally get lost. This has been fixed.

Fixed in Version 5.5.1 (2021-04-25) export issues related to the release of Orbit BioSequence have been resolved and all Orbit exports should now be working properly, including with earlier software versions.

A few items were fixed last week while the Orbit export issues were being resolved.

  • Orbit BioSequence: Fixed an issue with multiple titles and incorrect FTO family tables in FAMPAT records.
  • Family IDs: Added the family ID on GenomeQuest; the Extended Family Number is now available in a column on PatBase.
  • Color-coding cells: Fixed a bug which required two clicks to change a cell color when using the color chooser.

Announcing Version 5.5 (2021-04-18)

We are pleased to introduce the latest release of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents.

  • Color-Coding Cells: You have always been able to color-code a cell background in yellow. With this release you can now choose to color-code cells in eight colors. This is particularly useful in user-added columns when you are regularly updating a chart. Learn more on our support page.
  • Orbit BioSequence: This release adds support for biosequence search results on We've included a new chart template to help you take advantage of the combined FAMPAT and Orbit BioSequence results. Creating reports from Orbit BioSequence.
  • Full Text Links: A new option has been added for links directly to PDFs on the USPTO site, and Espacenet links now go to the latest generation system.
  • Choose Columns...: The Columns command on the View menu is now called "Choose Columns..."
  • Ctrl-Z keyboard shortcut has been added to undo the last operation.

Version 5.5 includes several significant updates in recent 5.4 releases:

  • Common Family: The Common Patent Family will now prefer a WO, US, or EP publication if present in the family.
  • Publication level improvements: We've fixed a number of bugs, and improved display, for publication level data from both Orbit and PatBase.
  • Reference Rows: Fixed bugs related to the Summarize rule. The software would crash when sorting charts where the column being sorted uses a Summarize rule and there is a group of records for which all cells in a row are blank, or when exporting charts where the first column had a Summarize rule applied.

New and Fixed in Version 5.4.6 (2021-02-21)

  • Full Text Links: Full text links to espacenet now direct to the new espacenet platform.
  • PubMed: Adds preliminary support for PubMed text exports, since the PubMed XML export is no longer available. Exports from both PubMed and PubMedCentral are supported (learn more).
  • GenomeQuest: Capture the kind code for the subject publication in the patent family.
  • Integrity: Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence is the new name for the Integrity product. The name has been updated in the software.
  • Reference Rows: Fixed bugs related to the Summarize rule. The software would crash when sorting charts where the column being sorted uses a Summarize rule and there is a group of records for which all cells in a row are blank, or when exporting charts where the first column had a Summarize rule applied.

New and Fixed in Version 5.4.5 (2021-01-11)

  • If you are working with publication level data from PatBase or Orbit, Identify Common Patent Family will use the PatBase Family Number to group PatBase publication level data, and Orbit Family Accession Number to group FULLPAT records. This will work even if there are no family level databases to match with.
  • Identify Common Patent Family will now try to pick a better publication number for the Common Family column, looking for the earliest WO, US, or EP publication.
  • GenomeQuest: if there is no priority data, the application date will be used in the Earliest Priority Date column.

Looking for Version 5.4.4? You aren't missing anything - we made a mistake in numbering and skipped that one.

Fixed in Version 5.4.3 (2020-11-04)

  • Fixed a problem which caused blank title cells when the expected markup is missing in PatBase publication level data.

New in Version 5.4.2 (2020-11-02)

  • Added a new option for patent links, directly to USPTO PDF images.

New and Fixed in Version 5.4.1 (2020-10-25)

This release addresses a several changes in exports from PatBase 2.0, and is recommended for all PatBase users.

  • Support for new PatBase 2.0 markup for languages in the Title and Abstract fields at the publication level, which resulted in empty Title and Abstract cells.
  • Fixes problem with publication level exports with legal status, which could result in blank rows in the report.
  • Claims display -- Machine Translations are now considered to be equivalent to English when choosing which set of Claims to display. This is mostly visible in Chinese applications (for example), where native Chinese claims were being poorly displayed.

Announcing Version 5.4 (2020-08-27)

We are proud to announce the release of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents version 5.4. This release includes several changes requested by users, as well as a number of features and fixes introduced over the last nine months.

Patent Databases

  • Support for Integrity patents on the Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence platform.
  • Support for DEFULL on STN.
  • Orbit: Created two new columns in FAMPAT, FTO Family and FTO Family with Expiry, combining the Patent Family and the Family Status columns. There is a new FTO Patent Template for FAMPAT charts.
  • PatBase: Improvements to publication level data - better handling of Title and Abstract, capturing Patent Date, and more reliable extraction of all documents within a family.
  • PatBase: All WO publications 2004 and later now display with 4-digit years. PatBase imports now observe the option settings for patent number format.
  • STN: Several improvements to structure extraction, resulting in more complete hit structure reports.

IP Sequence Databases

  • Support for CAS Biosequences on GenomeQuest.
  • GenomeQuest: Revised the layout and content of the Query Results field, including fixing several missing data elements.

Fixed in Version 5.3.4 (2020-06-30)

  • Fixed another problem with loading structures from STN transcripts (unrelated to the problem fixed in version 5.3.3). This problem could cause text following a structure to be missing.

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