Support: Creating Reports from Databases/Hosts

Creating from PatBase

Updated 26 January 2020

BizInt Smart Charts for Patents can build charts from search results from PatBase. Both family and publication level data are supported, as well as legal status and notes.

News & Notes

September 2020: PatBase 2.0 has been released, and we recommend upgrading to version 5.4 if PatBase is your primary platform. One thing we have noticed is that the order of data elements in some fields has changed with the new platform. As a result, some fields may be marked as changed during updates without any meaningful changes present. This is a great time to review the New Publications column when updating.

With the latest interface from PatBase, you can export at either the Family or Publication level, following the same instructions.

If you want to see family status including the dead or alive flag, make sure that you have turned on this option in your Search/Display options on PatBase. The Dead/Alive flag will appear in Family Status, Patent Family (Extended), and the State columns.

Step by Step

  1. Perform your search. If you are on the Search History page, you can bring up the More Options panel and press "Export Search Results".
  2. If you are within a results set, click on the "Save/export" link.

  3. On the first step of the export wizard, select BizInt Smart Charts Data File as your export format. You can also set a range of records to export before clicking Continue.
  4. On the second step of the Export Wizard, you can choose whether to export at the Family or Publication level.
  5. The third step of the Export Wizard allows you to choose optional fields to include in your export. You may choose to include legal status for all family members, for selected authorities, or only the latest events in specified countries.
    Note that even if you choose to export all legal status, BizInt Smart Charts creates a column with the latest legal status events for each publication.

  6. On the fourth step, you can confirm your selections. You are also given the option to save your options as an export template.
  7. When your export is complete, click on the link to save (or open) the .BPD file in BizInt Smart Charts for Patents. This works the same in both online exports, as shown below, and offline results delivered in email.