Support: Creating Reports from Databases/Hosts

Creating from Orbit BioSequence

Version 5.5 of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents introduces support for sequence searches on The process of building a chart is the same with sequence searches as for other searches on

However charts built from Orbit BioSequence are unique - family data is represented in a FAMPAT rows, and sequence data is contained in Orbit BioSequence rows. We've even created a new combined chart template - Family Sequence Data - to get you started.

You can report or analyze the raw data, but the real power comes from bringing these charts into BizInt Smart Charts Reference Rows.

Your chart will contain rows from two databases - the family information from FAMPAT and the sequence hits from Orbit BioSequences. You will get the best results by summarizing data in BizInt Smart Charts Reference Rows.

A family of hits in Orbit that looks like this:

will appear in separate rows, one for the family and one for each hit:

Updated 4/25/2021.