Support: Creating Reports from Databases/Hosts

Creating from Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence

Updated 10 August 2020

You can create drug pipeline reports from Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence (next generation of Integrity) using BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite 5.2 and newer.

Note: you can update reports from the classic Integrity platform with data from the new platform. Some fields are now formatted differently and may be marked as changed even if the basic content is the same.


News & Notes

August 2020: Support for Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence, the new generation of Integrity, was added in BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite 5.2. Support for patent results is supported in BizInt Smart Charts for Patents 5.4 or later.

Pipeline Reports - Step by Step

  1. Conduct your search on Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence (new Integrity), select the records you want to export, and click the Options (...) button at top right, as shown below. Select Export.
  2. You will be presented with the Export screen.   Give your export a name under "File Name" and select “BizInt” as the File Format. Click the "Export” button at the bottom of the screen. We recommend that you export all the fields.
  3. Depending on how your computer is configured, BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite may launch automatically.
    If it does not, you will see a dialog from your browser asking what you want to do with the file. You may save this file, to import at a later time, or open the file directly.
    Note that the exported file will be named "File Name.brd" where the File Name is what you entered in the Export panel.