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Legal Status from Questel

BizInt Smart Charts for Patents can build charts from search results from many of the Questel interfaces. Beginning in version 3.6.3, legal status information from Questel is imported into your report.

This page describes how BizInt Smart Charts for Patents extracts legal status information from the ACT field in FAMPAT or from the LGST database when looking at publications from PLUSPAT.


ACT - What Data is Processed

Legal status information is extracted from the ACT field in both FAMPAT and LGST.

The entire contents of the ACT field (or fields, if multiple publications are present) is preserved in the Legal Status column (subject to truncation).

For each publication listed in the ACT field, we extract the Publication Number, EED (Calculated Expiry Date), State, and Status. This information is placed into a column called Family Status. Duplicate entries for the same publication are removed from this table.

BizInt Smart Charts also extracts some values for the entire family. These rules were chosen as a common presentation. If you require a different selection rule, we suggest that you consider filtering and extracting the desired values using VantagePoint - Smart Charts Edition.

The State column will read ALIVE if any family member is ALIVE.

The Status column will list the highest status from the list below (in order):


The Calculated Expiry Date column contains the earliest expiry data in the Family Status table, subject to a few conditions. If any publications are GRANTED, the Calculated Expiry Date will be the earliest expiry date from a granted publication. If no publications are GRANTED, but some are still ALIVE, the Calculated Expiry Date will be the earliest PENDING expiry.