Support: Creating Reports from Databases/Hosts

Exporting Hit Structures
from new STN

In order to use the new Hit Structure display (introduced in BizInt Smart Charts for Patents Version 4.5) with search results from New STN, you must ensure that the export contains both the CAplus records and the corresponding hit REGISTRY records.

General instructions on exporting results from New STN are available if you have additional questions.

First, you need to enable Cross File Searching on New STN. Go to the Settings panel and select the Search tab. Make sure that Cross File Searching is enabled as shown below.

When searching, you need to select both CAplus and REGISTRY databases.

When exporting, you must also select both the CAplus and REGISTRY records. Because of the 500 record limit for new STN exports, this means that the total of CAplus records and hit REGISTRY records must be no more than 500.

In a future release we will remove this limit, allowing you to export results and combine them in BizInt Smart Charts for Patents.