BizInt Smart Charts for Patents

BizInt Smart Charts for Patents helps you create, customize and distribute tabular reports combining data from the leading patent, IP sequence and non-patent literature databases.

Import the results of your searches and create reports from supported hosts and databases including STN, Orbit, PatBase, Derwent Innovation, GenomeQuest, and more.

BizInt Smart Charts for Patents is Windows software installed on your desktop, and is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

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Watch the video below to learn more about BizInt Smart Charts.

How Does BizInt Smart Charts Work?

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Import search results and create reports
  • BizInt Smart Charts knows how to process your data — no more copy/paste or maintaining Excel macros!
  • Quickly create tabular reports containing text, subtables and images, with links to full records.

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Customize your report
  • Change the columns/fields in your report at any time.
  • Save your report layouts as Chart Templates.
  • Sort the report and add your own columns.

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Integrate data from different sources
  • Combine reports from different databases into a single integrated report.
  • Match related publications for a family with the Identify Common Patent Family tool.
  • Merge data from different sources into a single integrated row with Reference Rows.

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Update reports and identify changes
  • Update a previous report with new information.
  • New records and updated information (including new publications) are automatically flagged.

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Distribute reports to your clients and colleagues
  • Export options include Word, Excel, PDF and HTML.
  • Reports can include the table and associated records, with automatically generated links to full-text sources.



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