Products: BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite

Creating Drug Pipeline Reports

BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite helps you create, customize and distribute tabular reports from leading drug pipeline databases on publisher websites and online hosts.

Data from Pharmaprojects, R&D Focus, R&D Insight, Cortellis, and Integrity can be combined into one report containing the table, records and images. The Generate Common Drug Names tool automatically analyzes drug names and synonyms to help you identify common compounds. Plus, you can automatically detect new and changed information in updated pipeline reports.


The Mini Guide shows you how to create drug pipeline reports, including how to:

  1. Save your search results
  2. Create a new chart
  3. View records, and images
  4. Combine & Update charts
  5. Identify common drugs
  6. Customize your chart
  7. Print reports
  8. Export reports to HTML, Word, Excel, etc.


List of supported databases.