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Create, customize and distribute reports combining data from the leading patent, gene sequence and non-patent literature databases from a wide range of hosts including STN, Orbit, PatBase, Innovation, GenomeQuest, Cortellis, and more!

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Create reports combining data from the leading drug pipeline databases, including Citeline PharmaProjects, Thomson Reuters Cortellis, Adis R&D Insight, Thomson Reuters Integrity and IMS R&D Focus.

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Support for creating reports from clinical trials databases - including, TrialTrove, Clinical Trials Insight, and Cortellis - is currently in BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines.

Coming Summer 2015: BizInt Smart Charts for Clinical Trials! Click here to learn more.

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BizInt Smart Charts Reference Rows allows you to integrate records from several sources into a single row, well beyond simple deduplication.

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VantagePoint – Smart Charts Edition (VP-SCE) provides tools to help clean-up, filter, analyze and visualize BizInt Smart Charts data.

About BizInt Smart Charts

BizInt Smart Charts software helps information analysts create, customize and distribute competitive intelligence reports and visualizations from drug pipeline, clinical trial, patent and gene sequence databases.

The BizInt Smart Charts product family is used by pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and device/diagnostics companies worldwide to support product lifecycle planning and portfolio management.

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Discover new ways to organize, analyze and present your competitive intelligence information with the BizInt Smart Charts product family.

Cookbook of Reports & Visualizations

Created with the BizInt Smart Charts Product Family

A collection of step-by-step recipes showing how to create popular reports and visualizations created with the BizInt Smart Charts product family. Learn how to create these using your own drug pipeline, clinical trials, and patent data.

Cookbook of Reports
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