BizInt Smart Charts Lite - Adis Insight Edition is a version of the BizInt Smart Charts software that helps you create, customize, and distribute tabular reports from Adis Insight.

Before creating a report, install BizInt Smart Charts Lite - AdisInsight Edition. Click the Software Download button below to start downloading the software. Run the setup program before using the software. (Additional instructions are available here).

License agreement

Spend some time with the Mini Guide to learn the key features of BizInt Smart Charts Lite - AdisInsight Edition:

  • create a report from the results of your drugs, trials, or pharmacovigilence search
  • view charts, records, and images
  • customize your report
  • create links to trials and other publications
  • update reports and identify new records and changes
  • distribute reports in Word, Excel, PDF, and HTML


Want to learn more about BizInt Smart Charts?

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