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VantagePoint and BizInt Smart Charts
2019 Analytics & Visualization Meeting (AVM)

"Creating Reports and Visualizations to Support Decision Making"

Hosted by Search Technology and BizInt Solutions, this two-day meeting focuses on creating effective reports and visualizations to support decision making, and features user case studies, product updates, and two tracks of workshops.

This meeting is designed for current and prospective users of VantagePoint or BizInt Smart Charts.

Tuesday, April 9 through Wednesday, April 10, 2019
The Aston La Scala Hotel
12 avenue Felix Faure, 06000 Nice, France
Hotel telephone: +33 (0)4 97 20 25 24

12:30pm - 2:00pm Lunch & Registration
2:00pm - 3:00pm

IP analytics and data visualizations: the art of effective communication
Chris Harrison, Head of IP Analytics and Data Science, UK Intellectual Property Office





Human beings have too much information to process and we use heuristics to filter information and make decisions quickly; policymakers process evidence and the environment in which they operate in exactly the same way. The world of intellectual property is complex; analysis of IP databases is inherently full of caveats, assumptions and ambiguities. There is a natural disconnect between the two meaning effective communication to support evidence-based decision making is key. In recent years the digital age has given us increasingly beautiful and dynamic visualisations; when these are thrown in to the mix, do these help or hinder the art of effective communication?


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A client focused display - exemplified compounds table display linked to citing publications

Maddy Marley, Global Patents, GSK





Exemplified compounds resulting from a substructure search are key to making filings based on novelty and inventive step. Conversations with our attorney clients revealed that they prefer to see a table of structures with hyperlinks to references, rather than a list of references with the structures beneath them. To provide this structure-led display we have had to rely on internal macros written many years ago, to reorganize the output from Chemical Abstracts, but the macros are not supported by GSK lT and often crash with large volumes of data. Analytical table tools in third party software have not been able to provide a solution either.

We use BizInt Smart Charts for Patents to deliver reports, but it did not have the capability to include hit structures and was reference rather than structure oriented. We have now further collaborated with BizInt to develop a method enabling us to present our structures in an easy to read tabular format hyperlinked to their references. These tables are now used in our search reports for the chemistry attorneys, giving a succinct view of the compounds exemplified within a publication (patent and literature) to facilitate decision making.


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I am a Senior Information Scientist in Global Patents. I support the pharma and consumer patent attorneys, providing database searching expertise to support decisions on patent filings, freedom to operate determination, patent litigation/opposition. I take part in external activities to gain insights into the strategic plans of our main vendors, and to seek out new information and software providers for our industry. My skills and expertise lie in the areas of structure and formulation searching, as well as key word searching in areas related to chemistry and pharmacology. I graduated with a degree in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical chemistry and have had over 25 years’ experience in the Information industry.

3:00pm - 3:30pm


3:30pm - 4:30pm

Competitive intelligence: optimizing the analysis of pipeline and clinical trials data with BizInt Smart Charts and VantagePoint

Anne Trincot, Competitive Medical Analysis Manager,Global Medical Affairs (GMA), Servier





BizInt for data compilation, selection and Chart Vizualisation and VantagePoint for specific graphic data representations can help for competitive intelligence analysis.

  • Pipeline and clinical trials data
  • Structure, reliability and updating of data
  • Need to query and export data from different sources
  • Added values of verification and visualization of information.
  • Description of BizInt and VantagePoint
  • Practical examples of the use of these 2 tools for the realization of competitive intelligence reports


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What’s it all about?
Or … How I fell at the last fence

Kathy Burrows, RB





When I first started delivering patent landscapes, I was taught that there are three steps to a patent landscape analysis; create the data set; clean the data set; analyse the data set.


In an R&D environment, this met the expectations of project scientists. Despite this, Patent Landscaping never became the strategic tool I knew it should be. Is that because the process lacked the key step: reporting and communicating to senior stakeholders? Short of time and attention, they want to know what a landscape means; preferably in one PowerPoint slide.

How do we communicate with senior stakeholders effectively and ensure that Patent Landscapes play an effective part in strategic decision making?
4:30pm - 5:00pm

Speaker Panel Q&A

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Reception (for AVM attendees only)