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Installation Issues - Fall 2019

Updated 27 November 2019

As of 24 November, all of our installation packages have been signed with an updated code signing certificate. You should no longer experience these problems.

If you still have issues installing software, please contact support.


We recently released version 5.3 of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents, and will soon be releasing version 5.2 of the BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite. At some companies, users are having difficulty installing these versions. This page explains the issue and workarounds.

If you do not need to install the software immediately, please wait until we are able to release new installation packages.

In August 2019 we renewed the code signing certificate for BizInt Smart Charts products, as we do every three years. However since our last certificate renewal, Microsoft has changed their policy regarding code signing. The standard certificate we used before now results in a warning in Windows Defender and other anti-virus packages.

For some customers, Windows Defender will report that the software is "an unrecognized app". If you click on the More Info link, you will see that the software is signed by BizInt Solutions Inc, and will have the option to "Run Anyway".

We are in the process of securing an Extended Validation code signing certificate, but it may be a few weeks before new installation packages are available for download.


You can verify that BizInt Solutions Inc has signed the setup package by bring up properties on the installation, clicking on the Digital Signatures tab, and opening the BizInt Solutions Inc item.

If you have having difficulty installing this software, we have found a few tips which might help:

  • if you usually run the setup from within your browser, try saving the file to your hard drive and running from there;
  • some customers have found that it is necessary to uninstall all BizInt products first before installing the new software (don't worry - your files and settings will be preserved).