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The Imaginal Within The Cosmos: Commentaries on the Cosmic Christ (3)

Below is a quote from the Benedictine monk, Willigis Jager, writing about the Transfiguration of Christ.

"His true Being comes to light and even penetrates his clothing. We should not limit ourselves to Jesus. We have to recognize ourselves, our own true form... Life would be so simple if we could always see what we are; if we could recognize what our neighbors are. If we could see the beams of light that pass through their clothing; if we could not only see their external form, but also experience their true being..."

And yet another quote from Teilhard:

"...we begin to see more distinctly the great sun of Christ the King, of Christ *amictus mundo,* of the universal Christ, rising over our interior world...The streams which flow from this centre operate not only within the higher reaches of the world, where human activities take place in a distinctively supernatural and meritorious form. In order to save and establish these sublime forces, the power of the Word Incarnate penetrates matter itself."
[Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, THE DIVINE MILIEU, pp. 61-62.]

If I may I should like to bend toward these ideas in another way, in that it would be interesting to read these thoughts of Jager's and Teilhard's from the perspective of our Energy Universe. As we know from Christian scripture, Jesus reputedly said that I am the "Light of the World;" and he put it that we, too, are "light," in that we must not hide our light under a barrel.

Most obvious we would seem to be dealing with these reputed sayings from a symbolic perspective, dealing with Light/light as Illumination and various levels of illumination. But let's get back to this issue of "light" as considered from a quantum perspective by Amit Goswami, professor of physics in the Institute of Theoretical Sciences at the University of Oregon.

Light as a Wave and as a Particle:
"When light is seen as a wave, it seems capable of being in two (or more) places at the same time, as when it passes through the slits of an umbrella and produces a diffraction pattern; when we catch it on a photographic film, however, it shows up discretely, spot by spot, like a beam of particles. So light must be both a wave and a particle...[and] what light is depend[s] on how we observe it."

So it would seem we have two levels of be-ing, regarding Light. And in Christian scripture we have in Christ, (1) a Being of Light-- a penultimate carrier of Light--or a great Wave of Conscious Illumination--who also exists (2) in the milieu of Matter.

Matter Wave:
"De Broglie's and Schroedinger's idea of the matter wave generates a remarkable picture of the atom. It explains in simple terms the three most important properties of atoms: their stability, their identity with one another, and their ability to regenerate themselves...
The identity of atoms of a particular species is simply a consequence of the identity of wave patterns in confinement; the structure of the stationary patterns is determined by the manner in which the electrons are confined, not by their environment. The music of the atom, its wave pattern, is the same wherever you find it--on Earth or Andromeda. Furthermore, the stationary pattern, depending only on conditions of its confinement, has no trace of past history, no memory; it regenerates itself, repeating the same performance over and over."
[Ibid, p. 35.]

As we all are, it would seem Jesus the Christ is a Light Being--or an Energy Being. As a Being living in the milieu of matter, he has *confined* his wave pattern into a human body. He's Particle as well as Wave, as we are, as is the entire Universe.

Could it be that Christ is one of the earliest Waves of Light come to us?

There's a new, indeed controversial theory discussed by Gary Swartz, a professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, and psychiatry at the University of Arizona. Swartz also is director of the Human Energy Systems Laboratory.

Waves Waving and Enformy:
"Two of our current favorite possibilities reflect the seminal ideas of two senior physicians...

"The first theory is Dr. Irving Dardik's hypothesis of 'waves waving.' Dardik is a former Olympic Team M.D. consultant who developed cardiac rhythms in dynamic relationship with biological and global rhythms. His vision is that the universe is one unified rhythm or wave, and that everything we witness in nature, from the micro to the macro, is an expression of waves upon waves. The idea of a wave, of course, precedes the idea of a system. The very first "wave" is the first...

"The first wave is not only the universal glue that holds everything together but it is the original attractive force. It is the abstract idea of energy...

"Dardik's vision goes from the general to the specific, and he applies his model to cycles of health and healing. If waves reflect the universal energy of attraction, the force that enables all things to evolve and express themselves, then waves become a scientific expression of love.

"But where did the very first wave come from? Who or what established the capacity to create waves, and wave systems, from which everything else unfolds?

"This takes us to Dr. Donald Watson's work. Watson is a brilliant neuroscientist and psychiatrist, now retired...Watson has taken possibly the greatest of conceptual leaps by positing the existence of a creative ordering process he terms 'enformy.' The term enformy combines 'energy' and 'form.' Watson continually reminds us, [that] enformy, which creates 'enformation,' precedes the creation of time and space, and therefore precedes the creation of information, energy, and waves. Enformy is posited to actually create the dimension of time and space, then information and energy, and finally wave systems."
[Gary E.R. Schwartz & Linda G.S. Russek, THE LIVING ENERGY UNIVERSE, Hampton Roads, 1999, pp. 177-178.]

To reiterate, could Jesus--and perhaps other great avatars and prophets and geniuses (in general)--represent far earlier waves, closer to that First Wave of "Enformation" out of which All unfolds? Could it be that these earlier waves of Energy and Information (such as Jesus, maybe) knew how to singularly--by accruement of conscious information--move from Wave to Particle and back to Wave, thus creating a Transfiguration (or even a Resurrection) that was interpreted by his disciples from a religious perspective?

But this business of the First Wave as attractor, this business of Energy Waves waving, well whew! And I might add that Teilhard, scientifically speaking, could only imagine what the reality of Omega might be like...a *pure conscious energy.* As he put it:

"In the discovery of the sidereal world, so vast that it seems to do away with all proportion between our own being and the dimensions of the cosmos around us, only one reality seems to survive and be capable of succeeding and spanning the infinitesimal and the immense: energy...that floating, universal entity from which all emerges and into which all falls back as into an ocean; energy...the new spirit; energy...the new god."
[Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, THE PHENOMENON OF MAN, p. 258.]

What would seem to be going on is that Light need come unstuck, less confined, and shine forth--and wave. Thus we "come lately" waves--souls, if you will--would seem to have a mandate: to shine, to become ever more illuminated, more conscious and enlightened, to wave our light until we become as *light* as the earlier waves of Light. It would seem there's also a responsibility that we need wave our light to strike up ever more waves of light, until the entire universe becomes totally One Great Light Being!

And as Teilhard put it:

"Where are the roots of our being? In the first place they plunge back and down into the unfathomable past. How great is the mystery of the first cells which were one day animated by the breath of our souls!...And however autonomous our soul, it is indebted to an inheritance worked upon from all sides--before ever it came into being--by the totality of the energies of the earth: it meets and rejoins life at a determined level...Everything that the body had admitted and has begun to transform must be transfigured by the soul in its turn..."
[Ibid, pp. 59-60.]

We need grow our soul, share our soul, converge our souls--ever waving and waving! :)


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