"Ouzo" - DC Spectrum Wagsmore Silver Screen RE NAJ MJP ME CGC

"The dog formerly known as Eroll"

Ouzo finished his show career with Kathy Steele in early 2003 and joined us in June 2003 to do performance and field activities. He was born September 27, 2000 and is a Black and Tan Silver Dapple. His sire is CH Wagsmore's Spectacular MLD "Simon" and his dam is CH Wagsmore's From a Distance ML "Hope". Ouzo is the grandson of Brandy's father "Tommy" and has other distinguished Wagsmore, Suntura, Sleepytime and Graedon dogs in his pedigree.

Ouzo is very prey motivated and has excelled in field events. Ouzo passed Introduction to Quarry just a few days after he came home with us. He earned his Junior Earthdog (JE) title on January 17, 2004 and his first Senior Earthdog leg the next day. He completed his Senior Earthdog title just six months later on June 21, 2004. Ouzo reached Master Earthdog so quickly that he didn't have the tunnel navigation and off-lead hunting experience needed to excel in Master Earthdog. Ouzo's biggest issue in Master Earthdog was a loud and emphatic failure of "honoring" but his self-control is improving and he earned his Master Earthdog title on December 20, 2005.

Ouzo got off to an excellent start in dachshund field trials with experienced handler Steve Shultz. At his second field trial (and first with Steve) in November 2004 he placed first in Open All Age Dogs (OAAD) and won Absolute (best dachshund in field trial). Ouzo placed second in OAAD the next day and was NBQ the following weekend in northern California. Ouzo picked up where he left off in 2005, winning three more first places, one third, and his second Absolute on March 5, 2005 to earn enough points for his Field Championship. Since he is a breed champion as well, he gets to put DC (Dual Champion) in front of his name.

Ouzo's enthusiasm for hunting can be a distraction in agility and obedience. He earned his Novice Agility Jumpers title in January 2005. Ouzo also managed to take his eyes off the squirrels and cats long enough to get his Rally Novice title in May 2005 and by competing indoors got his Rally Advanced title in March 2006. Ouzo earned his Rally Excellent (RE) title in August 2007 with a very fine 97 performance. Again, all his RE legs were earned at indoor trials. We're not sure Ouzo has the focus and enthusiasm to earn an RAE title, but we might try Novice Obedience with him -- indoors, and at specialties!

Ouzo finally started putting the pieces together in agility in 2006. He had his first qualifying run in Open Jumpers Preferred in March 2006, at an indoor trial in Oshkosh WI. He followed this with several good runs during 2006 and got his second leg in December 2006 and his Open Jumpers Preferred (OJP) title on January 6, 2007. Due to some neck and back problems Ouzo is not running standard agility and is jumping 4".

After qualifying in Open Jumpers Preferred at the Dachshund Club of America Agility Trial in March 2007 (and becoming a DCA Triathlon Qualifier), Ouzo began his Excellent Jumpers Preferred career in mid-2007. He finally gained confidence in his weaves and earned his Excellent Jumpers Preferred (AJP) title on November 3, 2007. At age 7, Ouzo is finally turning in nice agility performances and earned his Master Jumpers Preferred title in December 2008.