Brandy and Remy in Agility Class

Brandy and Remy started agility training in July 2001 at Jump Start Dog Sports in Yorba Linda. Brandy and Remy jump at the 8" height in AKC agility. Since Brandy is 7 3/8" high at the withers, she struggles to get over an 8" jump (Note: The AKC introduced a 4" Preferred class in September 2001, and Brandy now jumps at 4".) Brandy also likes looking for dropped treats on the course.

Click here for pictures of Remy and Brandy competing in AKC agility trials.

Brandy comes out of the tunnel

Brandy comes out of the tunnel...

Brandy over the jump

...and over the jump!

Remy jumping

John brings Remy over the panel jump.

Remy on the table

Remy does a nice down-stay on the table.

Brandy on the teeter

Brandy on the teeter.

Photography by Bertha Adamson