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LogosTalk: The Logos Self

In another thread, ___ asked:

<<I'm wondering how interchangeable the concepts of the Self and of the Logos are? Any thoughts on that? What, if you don't mind my asking, is your idea of the meaning of the phrase, "incarnation of the Logos"? What does that actually mean, psychologically? >> If I may, here's a fairly crisp explanation of the Logos as presented by a scholar of ancient religions and philosophies:

  • Order or pattern.
  • Ratio or proportion.
  • A discourse, articulation or account, even a 'sermon.'
  • Reason, both in the sense of rationality and in the sense of an articulation of the cause of something.
  • Principle or cause (logoi=principles, ratios, reasons).
  • A principle of mediation and harmony between extremes." [David Fideler, JESUS CHRIST SUN OF GOD: ANCIENT COSMOLOGY AND EARLY CHRISTIAN SYMBOLISM, Quest Books, 1993, p. 38]

Psychologically, the Logos within us--as microcosmos or Self--needs to be in a state of order. There needs to be a harmony, a pattern that somehow makes meaning for our life, for our living. In order to accomplish this, there need be a mediation between all those aspects of our Self. A symmetry is called for, where there is an appropriate and workable relationship amongst these aspects in order to be complete. Beyond this, it is our duty to Self that it be articulated sanely and with sound judgment as a "word", as an agency, as an incarnation, in this life, in this world.


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