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LogosTalk: A Special Name

In the Lord's Prayer, Jesus actually provides God with a special name--in that he says "Hallowed be thy name."

Now I think I may have made mention on this list, maybe, that I am one of those strange folk who loves reading the dictionary. So I'm going to do a little exercise regarding this special name that Jesus bestowed upon God, linking meaning upon meaning, employing the AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

  • Hallowed: (1) Made or set apart as being holy; sanctified; consecrated. (2) Highly venerated; unassailable; sacrosanct.

  • Hallow: (1) To make or set apart as holy; sanctify; consecrate. (2) To honor as being holy; revere; adore.

  • Holy: (1) Belonging to, derived from, or associated with a divine power, sacred. (2) Worthy of worship or high esteem; revered. See "kailo" in Appendix. [Kailo: Whole, uninjured, of good omen. Old English-wholesome, health, to heal, holy, sacred.]

  • Whole: (1) Containing all component parts; complete. (2) Not divided or disjointed; in one unit, (3) Sound; healthy; restored; healed.

  • Wholesome: (1) Conducive to sound health or well-being; salutary. (2) Morally or socially salubrious.

  • Healthy: (1) Possessing good health. (3) Indicative of a rational or constructive frame of mind, sound.

  • Sound: (1) Free from defect, decay, or damage; in good condition. (3) Having a firm basis; solid; unshakable. (7) Deep and unbroken; undisturbed. (8) Free from moral defect; upright; honorable. (9) Worthy of confidence; trustworthy.

  • Salutary: (1) Effecting or designed to effect an improvement; beneficially corrective; remedial.

  • Heal: (1) To restore to health; cure. (2) To set right; amend. (3) To rid of sin, anxiety, or the like; restore. To become whole and sound; return to health. See "kailo" in Appendix.

Comment: Well it looks as if our small word-game has come around full circle. It's really interesting "what's in a name." :-)


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