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LogosTalk: Intuition of the Logos

------- asks:

<< This Logos, how does it express itself in this universe, and how does it express itself in our culture-making and interpreting this world we are part of? This is really the all-important question. >>

If one believes there is an actual Ground of Being, called the "Logos" by the Greeks, I should think a lot of answers to your question have been put forth in various philosophies and theologies. And upon occasion some scientists have ventured into this territory. Regardless, such answers (or efforts) will necessarily remain in the realm of speculation or--at most--in the area of interpretation.

We may think we have proof of the Logos when rather what we have is the *intuition* of the Logos. And it must be said that our intuition is not a science, but it nonetheless seems real for those of us who have faith and believe in our intuition.

As for the Real, it's not only what we observe but also what we *experience* in our lives. Alas, sometimes how we interpret our experience(s) do not pan out. Nonetheless, those who hold to a strong faith in their intuition, in their experience, at least have a modicum of control and can actually pilot their life along the path expressed by these experiences. Hence we can actually enjoy not only a spiritual life but sometimes a wonderfully creative life.

In the end--as I see it--it's all a matter of Choice. Again, we can say to ourselves "no, we can't" or "yes, we can." Choice is a wonderful ability that fortunately most of us still possess. Those who have Choice curtailed in one manner or another are unlucky and thwarted in their humanity, as I see it.

With all this said--I admit to accepting my intuition, my special experiences, and have evolved my own interpretation(s) when it comes to the Logos. Again, faith for me but perhaps folly for others. It's always a matter of Choice.

According to my experience, I definitely believe there is a Ground of Being. It took me a long time to realize that this sense was not anything new. After my studies, I decided upon the "Logos" as my way of referring to this Great Ground. It's a universal name that can be or does not have to be linked with a religious creed. Also I think the idea of the Logos can be expanded, as we ourselves evolve and become more mature (and hopefully more sophisticated). It's a *dance* really between me and Thee, if you will.

In the past the Logos has been interpreted in terms of spirituality and religion. It was so strongly entrenched in the collective mind of ancient Greek culture (within the Roman Empire) that St. John and St. Paul (and later the Fourth Century Christian Fathers) translated their religious interpretation of the Christ in a special way to that of the Logos. It was their way of making their sense of Christ understandable to the Gentiles.

The above is one example of the expansion--or the extension--of the Logos concept. In today's world, however, I suspect we will have to roll-up our sleeves and inject some new interpretations into this very, very ancient concept. More recent philosophers as well as some scientists are on the job, actually. But they aren't all necessarily religiously or even spiritually oriented.

As for myself, as I've put upon occasion, I'm becoming more inclined towards thinking of the Logos as the "Meme of all memes" or as "Code." It's not cuddly or even very personal, but I must stress that here I am talking more in terms of the Collective rather than the individual.

How does the Logos act in our world? I think that ----- may be on the same trail as I, in this regard. Memes are collective, cultural mental movements or viewpoints--even sometimes evolving into worldviews. They are not just an idea, that may come and go (nowhere). They are those mental connections that stay with us and move us along our way, especially within a cultural context. Hence the Logos (at least for me) is the Great Meme. It's the ultimate Mental Movement in our world. No matter who, whether religious, spiritually inclined, agnostic, or atheist, this Great Meme remains literally a major topic of thought and conversation. Our approaches may differ, but we are all locked upon this Great Meme in one way or another.

This "Meme of all memes" plays into our cultural development, into our cosmological and ontological outlook(s). And it has done so since the dawn of recorded History. The imagos, the labels, the context(s) of the Logos may shift through time--but it's always there, somehow.

As for "Code," that's more of an indifferent I suppose. But today we are discovering that Code stands not only behind our human form but also behind all of the life forms of this planet. DNA is code that creatively spins and dances probably throughout the Living Creation. There's also the thinking of binary code weaved throughout. It's CODE everywhere. It's Code seeded within, unfolding without. Ours is a world of Unfoldment.

Still we have Choice even in the midst of this Code. We can choose to go against who we are "called" to be. Translate "calling" into code. Psychological treatises have been researched and written on this issue of choice--or making wrong choices--when it comes to who we are supposed to be.

I tend also to think that the Logos is about Creation, about Creativity. If there's to be a continuous Unfolding, than Creativity must be present. And when we especially create positively, there is such joy and enthusiasm. I never have let go the idea of "enthusiasm" being rooted in the word/concept of *En Theos.* Creativity translates into Energy--and it's Energy that keeps us all going. So I tend to think that the Logos (if we believe in such) stands behind Creativity, which in turn translates into a wonderful Energy that move us ever forth.

But all this I've said is from the Collective standpoint, and seems impersonal. Yet many of us *do* experience That Beyond us and relate it to our own lives. That's Personal!

I believe the personal sense of the Logos results in inspiration. According to the strength of our experience, our inspiration can take us along on short exciting trips or into a life that inspires one into discovery, into creativity, into even a saintly life of spiritual insight and altruism.

So how does the Logos speak to us individually? Historically and from my own personal experience, I've nailed it down to two ways: through dreams and outside events--especially synchronistic events.

Many ignore their dreams, but Scripture and modern psychologists haven't! However, at this juncture it must be said there's a multitude of thinking over what "dreaming" might actually be. But I'm inclined towards the Native American concept of the "Big Dreams." Nearly 20 years ago I experienced a series of Big Dreams, and you *do* know when you have them. They are profoundly different and obviously numinous. It's with this category of dreaming that we really must attend. It's in the Big Dreams where we are given those marvelous insights into Truth and Being (for us, as individuals).

Again, back to -----'s question. How does the Logos communicate? In our dreams we are beset by a symbolic world that seems sometimes not only illusive but at times downright primitive. We hominids are far from being on the top-of-the-rung, I suspect, hence our brains off still operate via an inner primitive language. Psychologists have worked hard to understand dream symbolism, again almost like breaking a code! Working hard, learning the lingo of our dreams, we might be very, very surprised by the Intelligence that (at least for me) dwells within them. Through my own Big Dreams I truly feel that I encountered That Beyond dwelling within me, whether we call it God, the Logos, the Greater Self, whatever. It's a very reckoning and redemptive experience.

As for outside events, I believe that personally the Logos acts for or against us by opening or closing doors in life. We have all had these individual experiences, I'm sure! It's taken me nearly a lifetime to view these events from this perspective; but once I did, I could *see* that there is Someone operating behind the scenes of my life. I view these individual encounters--whether dreams, visions, events, etc.--as ways that the Logos is actually "schooling" me. But, again, there's Choice as to whether we want to learn from or ignore the whole business.

Finally, I can only say that my perspective(s) of the Logos have led me on quite an adventure. It's not all fun and sweet, but allowing the Presence of the Logos into my life has given me a will and a hope in the living of Life.


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