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LogosTalk: The Continuum

What I have been able to do is as follows: I've come to approach the Plenum of this Universe, the Ground, the Center if you will, as Mystery that wishes itself to be unraveled or unfolded. This will always be our primary job as cosmic consciousness points. I also see that this process has only begun, considering we are only beginning to reach towards more sophistication in our consciousness.

Remember, we started with animism, religious tribalism, to pantheons of gods, to various levels of monotheism. It's all about consciousness development and our evolving conceptions of what this Mystery might be. Hence over the millennia we have not only these different concepts, but also different labels regarding this Mystery.

Though many today are attracted to Eastern philosophy, I (for one) am definitely a child of the West. Consequently I've tended to look back at the West's religious and philosophical evolution, rising out of the Middle East in many forms, moving to the Mediterranean World, on into the European continent, and than via empire into its colonies.

I've studied this evolution, from Mesopotamian gods to the Olympian Pantheon to the Mysteries of the Hellenistic World to Judaism to Christianity to the unfolding of what I deem "scientific spirituality." In turn, I've worked hard to *integrate* this evolution of religious thought into what I consider a Continuum.

Now only personal for me, but I latched onto the Greek philosophical concept of the "Logos" as a way to carry through this awareness of the Ground--from its earliest conception unto today's contemporary science theories.

I like the idea of the Logos, because originally it was a way of explaining the Mystery, the Ground, *universally.* Now I have little trouble thinking about all this in universal terms, and oft I do so. Still, one must look at the overwhelming majority of any given population. For the most part, they are not at a universal level conceptually and still remain compartmentalized within creedal contexts. Still, human beings (I believe) intuit this Ground of Being; but they must somehow bring it into their own horizon in order to grasp it. That's why we need images and analogies that more than often are found in religious creeds.

Yet, it would seem that we are now beginning to advance toward a different time, a different place perhaps in our conceptualization of the Mystery. Maybe this has to do with the advent of advanced transportation and communication. Today the world rubs up-and- against itself. East and West, North and South are all implicating one another in varied relationships. These relationships also include creedal and philosophical perceptions as well. It's like many colors streaking across a canvas, beginning to blend into one another. This process has only begun and we don't have any idea what the final outcome will be, if ever.

But what seems to be happening is that this universalization of the Mystery is taking hold more and more. And it is coming head-on with older creedal concepts. Consequently there's a certain discomfort, oft misunderstanding.

The trick (I believe) is to stand above all this process for a little while, and looked upon dispassionately one can see that the whole incredible thing is a Continuum of evolving conceptualizations about the Mystery, about Ultimate Reality. If viewed this way, all our spiritual efforts, all our religious creeds have been all a part of the *process* of this ever unfolding Continuum.


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