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LogosTalk: The Chalice & the Fire


<< 1. "Word" is a "Chalice" (Idea, con-cept of Mind) of Light; "word" is a cup (con-cept) of light. Light Is Mind; light is mind. >>

The Chalice as viewed by some is that vessel which holds the Living Fire. I came to realize that the idea of the Chalice and the Fire began as far back as the early Presocratics, who became the foundation of Western Philosophy.

"Fire" as represented by some ancient philosophers is as follows:

  • For Heraclitus the world is like a restless *fire.* It is a living fire that supplies the driving force of the Universe in endless change. This fire imagery is nothing less than ENERGY!
  • Anaxagoras steps up this Power. For him it is *Nous* (Reason or Mind). For Anaxagoras there was a Mind that remained "unmixed and pure," that saw and knew all things, and this Mind originally had set the Universe in motion and continues to power it.

With this we have arrived at the doorstep of the Logos!

<< 2. Light of God is Life (eternal); light: "ye shall not surely die;" Soul Is; "soul" qua dust-atom-sense is in-tension (intent, in-tenere per tendere), mind in mater, Teilhard's complexification of awareness. >>

Light is Illumination. It burst forth at the great cosmic beginning. It literally fuels, fires the universe. And in the grainy sub-atomic world Light can be a Particle or a Wave. Hence Light would seem to represent itself as an Energy that can be *both* Matter and Mind. As consolidated Particles, there is Matter. As Waves of Mind, awareness arises--unto ever higher levels of Consciousness. A "milieu" has evolved. One that Teilhard called "divine."

<< 3. "I AM" frames Word as World; what Is, is eternality- become, elected unto, "Alpha and Omega." >>

The "I AM," the Architect, the Logos who stood before Creation, designed it's "divine milieu." With this, the Alpha entered Space and Time, and thus embarked upon complexification, upon Experience and Evolution, and would seem necessarily to be heading towards an end point: Omega?

<< 4. Teilhard moves from word to Word per Omega Assumption; Bergson from word to Word as Alpha Initiative. >>

Teilhard assumes the "God Ahead," the Omega that draws and attracts ever more refined complexity. Bergson senses the vitalism in Creation, the Living Vital Energy that consistently initiates and pushes forward.

<< 5. "I AM" Light is Living Energy, Life; light is energy. >>

It was the paleontologist and Jesuit priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who described this cosmic energy almost in the mode of poetry:

"In the discovery of the sidereal world, so vast that it seems to do away with all proportion between our own being and the dimensions of the cosmos around us, only one reality seems to survive and be capable of succeeding and spanning the infinitesimal and the immense: energy...that floating universal entity from which all emerges and into which all falls back as into an ocean; energy... the new spirit; energy...the new god." [Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, THE PHENOMENON OF MAN, Harper & Row, 1965, p. 258.]

Teilhard was one of the first to consider that this underlying cosmic plenum, this energy world, though never apart from our universal reality, is a special realm. For Teilhard this energetic plenum that not only undergirds but penetrates matter is somehow that which also *informs* the explicate level of creation. Teilhard refers to this energy world as the "Within in the heart of things."

<< 6. As light, energy, matter-based "consciousness," bows to Light, Energy, it Assumes, attains, Re-formation, Redemption. >>

We are as a microcosmos to the Macrocosmos. Re-formation is ever ongoing in that universal process we call complexification. As *micro* matter-mind beings we are being grown in this "divine milieu," for what purpose? We assume a Completion. We are part of a great Cosmic Process unfolding, heading towards Omega. Our Redemption would seem intimately connected towards an ever greater Awareness of All This Happening.

<< 7. Christ as Truth, reflecting Mind, redeems, hence, Paul the Apostle's "let." >>

The Logos incarnates. Once? Over and Over? Always? It would seem the nature of Light--as Particle unto Wave, as Wave unto Particle, ever shifting and moving.

<< 8. The "sleep" (trance-formation) of "adam" (red earth) is the cup, word, form, given to all "souls" who have passed through the portals of birth: "ye shall not surely die" is the revolving logic of the separation called dreaming or hypnosis. >>

Yet, in our dreams Matter gives way to Mind, the Particle gives way to the Wave. Separate, but not separate, these portals can transport us into new dimensions of being and understanding. They are there, waiting for the "eureka," the great discovery of who we really are! We discover THAT INTELLIGENCE, THAT MIND BEYOND US dwelling within! There are portals, whether birth, whether dreams, whether death, whether rebirth. Matter is the Chalice for Mind in this divine milieu. Energy constantly re-forms, ever refining its Chalice to hold the Fire.


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