Rémy - Our versatile dachshund!

FC Wagsmore's My Favorite Martin CD RAE4 MX MXJ PAX2 XFP ME CGC W-BBFD-MF

(October 27, 1997-December 21, 2010)

Rémy is a male miniature red long-haired dachshund. Rémy joined our household in February 1998. Remy is full of life and a loyal companion and partner. He loves practicing agility and obedience, playing with Brandy and Ouzo, and hunting for rabbits and mice in the backyard. Remy is quite the hunter, and has his Junior, Senior and Master Earthdog titles. Remy started his field career fairly late, but won two first places and earned his Field Championship in June 2007.

Remy starting competing in AKC agility in December 2001 and received his Master Agility Excellent (MX) and Master Agility Jumpers (MXJ) titles in late 2003. Remy made significant progress towards his MACH (Master Agility Champion) title -- click here for details on Remy's MACH campaign.

In October 2004 Remy started having seizures and was diagnosed with ideopathic epilepsy. Between the seizures and the side effects of the medication, Remy had to move to Preferred agility and jump at 4" instead of 8". He is having a great time and is only the second dachshund to earn both his Master Preferred titles. Remy earned his PAX title, which requires 20 double-Q's in Excellent Preferred Agility, in January 2008. He also began competing in the new FAST class, and earned his Excellent FAST Preferred (XFP) title in December 2008. At age 12 1/2, Remy earned his PAX2 title on December 31, 2009. Remy is now working on his Master FAST Preferred (MXP).

Remy qualified for and competed in the AKC National Agility Championship in March 2010, the first time Preferred dogs were eligible to compete at the Nationals. Remy ran clean in 5 out of 6 runs over 3 days, and finished second in the State Tournament and seventh in the National Championship tournament.

Remy started training in competition obedience in June 2002 and qualified for his novice obedience (CD) title in November 2003. Remy started competing in Open obedience in 2004 but had a bad experience in the group stay ring and no longer wants to do stays. He is now training for the new Graduate Open title.

Remy was one of the first dachshunds to qualify for a Rally Novice (RN) title, qualifying on three straight days in January 2005 on the second weekend of AKC rally competion. He earned his Rally Advanced (RA) title a few months later in May 2005 and his RE title in October 2005. Remy valiantly struggled through drug complications, seizures and pneumonia to earn his RAE in late April 2006, earning several all-breed placements along the way. Remy earned his RAE2 on January 7, 2007 at the Kennel Club of Palm Springs trial, winning a 3-way tie for first place in the Advanced B class. In September 2007 Remy earned his RAE3 among many of our dachshund rally comrades at the Dachshund Club of Santa Ana Valley trial, and his RAE4 at the Silver Bay Kennel Club trial in February 2008. Remy loved the dynamic nature and teamwork of rally, but after over 100 times in the rally ring, he finally got tired of all those sits!

Remy's most recent sport is Canine Freestyle. In March 2009 Remy and Diane earned their first freestyle title -- the Bronze Bar, Musical Freestyle, from the World Canine Freestyle Organization. Click here to see Remy's Bronze Bar routine.

Remy died on December 21, 2010 of lung cancer.

Remy (Aug 98)

Rémy was born in late October 1997. He weighs 12-13 pounds, is 8.25" at the withers, and has a dark red coat with black and cream highlights.

Rémy's parents are CH Wagsmore's Scandalous ML "Christopher" and Lilliput's Royal Heiress ML "Beezie".

Photography by Bertha Adamson

Brandy and Rémy in July 1998

Brandy & Remy Jul 98

Rémy at 15 weeks old.

Remy in the fountain

Rémy goes for a swim in the fountain.