VantagePoint - Smart Charts Edition

VantagePoint – Smart Charts Edition is a customized version of VantagePoint, developed jointly by Search Technology and BizInt Solutions for use by BizInt Smart Charts customers.

VantagePoint – Smart Charts Edition offers BizInt Smart Charts users powerful features for normalizing and enhancing data in multi-database reports. Especially used in conjunction with the BizInt Smart Charts Reference Rows utility, VantagePoint helps BizInt Smart Charts users create truly meaningful multi-database visualizations and reports, with consistent values across databases.

BizInt Smart Charts customers can sign up for a free trial of VantagePoint - Smart Charts Edition.

About VantagePoint – Smart Charts Edition

VantagePoint – Smart Charts Edition is PC-based Windows software which is installed on each user's PC.

VantagePoint – Smart Charts Edition contains VantagePoint's core analytics suite including market-leading Data Cleanup, Thesaurus, Record Classifications, My Keywords, and interactive analytical visualizations. Data exchange between the two tools is simplified to make it easy to move data back and forth, allowing the user to concentrate on analysis and reporting, rather than managing data flow.

VantagePoint – Smart Charts Edition does not contain the import filters found in VantagePoint; data can only be imported from BizInt Smart Charts reports using the XML Smart Data Exchange format.

How does it work?

VantagePoint – Smart Charts Edition imports files exported by BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines, BizInt Smart Charts for Patents or BizInt Smart Charts Reference Rows, using a custom version of the new XML Smart Data Exchange format. BizInt Smart Charts users can apply data cleaning and user-managed thesaurus tools in VantagePoint and then export cleaned and normalized fields back to BizInt Smart Charts as new columns. BizInt Smart Charts users can also use VantagePoint tools to create powerful and interactive visualizations.


You can view samples of tables cleaned up in VantagePoint on this page.

Pricing and Availability

VantagePoint – Smart Charts Edition is sold as an annual license by BizInt Solutions to BizInt Smart Charts customers only.

Please contact Search Technology to request a free trial VantagePoint - Smart Charts Edition.

User Guides

Cookbook of Reports and Visualizations: created with the BizInt Smart Charts Product Family. Includes sample visualizations and reports and instructions for creating them.