BizInt Smart Charts Lite - Citeline Edition

Release Notes

Version 4.0 - October 31, 2018

Based on version 5.0 of BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite, version 4.0 adds support for Trialtrove and Pharmaprojects on the next generation Citeline platform.

Version 3.2 b - February 12, 2016

A new build of the installation package using an updated code signing certificate. This will prevent warnings when downloading the software with Internet Explorer.

Version 3.2 a - September 17, 2015

Fixed a problem with the installation script which would report that you don't have permission to write to the installation directory even if you do have permission.

Version 3.2 - October 19, 2014

This is a general release of BizInt WebCharts - Citeline Edition, a version of BizInt Smart Charts for use with the Citeline TrialTrove and Citeline Pharmaprojects systems. Citeline subscribers may download and install this release.

You can upgrade previous versions by simply installing the new version in the same location.

Earlier Releases

Version 3.2 brings bug fixes, new features, and user interface updates from the BizInt Smart Charts product line. There is a new panel for selecting and rearranging columns, a new Optimized Excel export, and a new set of toolbar icons. Several data issues have been addressed. This release reflects the new branding of Citeline Pharmaprojects.

Version 3.1 adds support for Windows 7 and Windows Vista, as well as an assortment of bug fixes and feature enhancements from the BizInt Smart Charts Version 3.4 product line. Please note that the directory for your saved templates has now moved to your Application Data folder.

Version 3.0 introduced support for the Citeline Pipeline database. In addition, many features from BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines have been introduced to BizInt WebCharts, including the ability to update a report with new information, where new and updated information are highlited automatically.

Note that the default installation directory is now c:\program files\Citeline WebCharts, but if a prior version has been installed to a different location, the location offered to the user will be the prior location.

Version 2.1.1 fixes a problem with the export of Notes in records.

Version 2.1 introduces a new panel for configuring the truncation behavior when creating new charts (Options | Text truncation in cells). Also adds support for extremely long Notes fields.

Version 2.0 includes several new fields, renamed fields, and a limit on the size of text in exported CSV cells.

Version 1.2 introduces a new Column Properties dialog, enhanced exports, and corrects a few small bugs. Version 1.2.2 fixed a problem with loading the statistics file into Excel in some countries.

Version 1.1 adds support for the new Trial Results and Primary Research fields. Appropriate templates were added in Version 1.1.1.

Version 1.0 was the first release.

Thank you for using BizInt WebCharts Citeline Edition!